Rich businessmen in Chongqing drink “Mao Wujian” every day but still feel uncomfortable. Expert: How to drink is very important

I believe that many drinking friends know that the ceiling of Chinese liquor is ” Mao Wujian “, and many friends should have experienced this kind of

Experience, when drinking with friends and bragging, they all threatened that “when I am rich, I will drink Mao Wujian every day .”

However, I don’t feel that way when I actually drink it. Why? Actually, many of these famous brand wines are so expensive because of the premium products. No, I saw a rich businessman in Chongqing a few days ago, making money. Afterwards, he became rich and lived a life that everyone dreams of drinking “Mao Wujian” every day, but the rich businessman was not very happy, and even posted a message about his various discomforts since drinking Mao Wujian.

Under the questioning of enthusiastic netizens, the wealthy businessman finally revealed the truth. After reading it, the expert told him that how to drink is very important, and drinking should also be paid attention to . Sure enough, after listening to the expert’s advice, the wealthy businessman does not feel uncomfortable drinking again. The author Today I will share with you what the experts say.

【Do not drink on an empty stomach】

The wealthy businessman was very fond of drinking at the beginning. Although he was not addicted to alcohol, he would have two sips of small wine every day when it was time for dinner.

We all know that drinking on an empty stomach is very bad, because drinking on an empty stomach will not only cause excessive load on the stomach, but also make it easy to get drunk. If you drink on an empty stomach for a long time, the body will also issue an alarm. No wonder wealthy businessmen feel uncomfortable.

Our drinkers should also pay attention to drinking alcohol when they usually drink. We must avoid drinking on an empty stomach. In the north, there is a saying called “Dianba”, which means to eat something first. When drinking, drinkers should also pay attention to eating first. Order something and avoid drinking on an empty stomach, which can not only effectively ease the absorption of alcohol, but also make you drink better to a certain extent.

【Do not drink too much】

The rich businessman said that when he was having dinner with his friends, he often accidentally drank too much when he was happy. As a result, he got drunk every time. Although he said that his head didn’t hurt much, his stomach would still hurt when he went back, and he would vomit on the bad day.

In response to this situation, there is no need for experts to say that drinking friends should not drink excessively, because the harm of excessive drinking is relatively great. Although it is said that rich businessmen drink famous wines, after excessive intake of alcohol, it has deviated from everyone’s original. The original intention of drinking to be happy, drinking like this will not only hurt the body but also easily make mistakes, which is very worth the loss.

It is better to drink in moderation. Only when you drink in moderation can you feel comfortable and comfortable, so that you can truly feel the joy of drinking.

【Do not mix with other alcohol】

The wealthy businessman told the expert that he sometimes socialized a lot, and sometimes he often needed to rush to the market. Maybe he had only eaten half of the last meal, and he had to rush to the next place to socialize.

In this process, apart from constantly running around to change venues, basically everyone was drinking. Maybe he was eating and drinking liquor at the table a moment ago, and then he went to KTV to drink beer a second later. In fact, this is also drinking. It is a big taboo, because the most taboo of drinking is to drink mixed alcohol. The degree of various alcohols is different, and the speed of the body’s decomposition of alcohol is also different. It is also very easy to drink mixed alcohol.

Easy to get drunk.

Therefore, when drinking by yourself, you should never mix drinks. No matter how many different places you are in, it is better to drink only one type of drink.

The wealthy businessman really felt much more comfortable after listening to the advice of netizens drinking experts. He bluntly said that he felt the joy of drinking and shared two wines with you. The first is this steamed Taiwan Kunsha wine . He said that this wine Not only is the taste of the sauce-flavored wine he drank in recent years relatively pure, but he can’t finish drinking it, which is very good.

The key is that this wine is relatively affordable, and it is especially suitable for drinking at home. He has recommended many friends to buy it and save it for drinking.

The other one is more suitable for entertaining guests and meeting customers. The packaging is atmospheric and simple, and it will not lose face. The taste is really quite good at the most critical time. The pure Wang Mao flavor not only makes the guests happy. , I also enjoyed myself drinking, and the craftsmanship also adopts the traditional Daqu Kunsha sauce fragrant craftsmanship, which is very suitable for entertaining guests. This is this Wang Shaobin wine.

Well, that’s it for today’s article. What do you think about the rich businessman drinking famous wine? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to discuss.