Rhinitis in autumn? Tell me how I was treated at the time!

  It is more difficult to cure chronic rhinitis emmmmm completely!

  Because rhinitis cannot be completely eradicated at present, it can be regarded as burning incense without recurrence for a long time.

  And in the follow-up, as long as you take good care of it and pay more attention, chronic rhinitis can be regarded as a radical cure without recurrence.

  So sisters with chronic rhinitis still have to be patient


  I am an example myself.

  Only you can understand the pain of rhinitis… When the season changes, the weather changes, or even a little rain or wind, you can clearly feel the discomfort from the depths of the nasal cavity – itching, congestion, foreign body sensation, and then It will quickly develop into unstoppable sneezing. This kind of serial sneezing can even be dozens of sneezing at a time. Under the joking and surprised eyes of everyone, I even spit out my nose and saliva.

  My chest hurts when I sneeze, and my head hurts… After the sneeze starts, I can’t stop the runny nose. The nasal discharge is clear water, sometimes yellow purulent after bacterial infection;


  For patients with severe rhinitis, runny nose is not a temporary symptom, but a chronic attack that persists for several days or even several menstrual periods. At this time, I become a “paper towel smasher”, and the frequency of wiping the nose It’s so high that it’s comparable to taking paper towels as a dinner. Even my family says that I don’t use paper, but “eat paper”…


  After a while, the skin on the middle part of the lip will be chafed and become a high incidence of chapped and skin lesions in winter.

  What I said is not an exaggeration at all, only the same patient can experience that kind of desperate pain… Sometimes I really want to punch myself in the nose.


  Everyone should be able to feel it, tell me how I treated it at that time:

  1. Improve the internal environment of the nose

  Since then, I have washed my nose with saline every day, mainly to clean up the bacteria in the nasal cavity. After washing the nose, I really feel that the nasal cavity is moisturizing, but I have to remember the correct method, otherwise it will be easy to choke and very painful.

  For the first time, I just stood there stupidly and used the nasal wash to flush directly. As a result, the water flowed in and directly into the throat. I immediately felt choked and coughed for a while. Later, I found the manual and knew that I had to bend my head down. rinse.

  After washing, I can really feel a little better, but after a while, it will be uncomfortable again, and it can only relieve the pain for a while, and it feels that it mainly plays a supporting role.

  Second, for the improvement of rhinitis symptoms

  Necessary. If you have symptoms and you can’t deal with them, you will be uncomfortable. Let’s talk about it. If you have symptoms all the time, the rhinitis will become more and more serious, so it is very necessary to improve the symptoms.

  I used this Anzerat at the time, which my brother shared with me. The spray is very mild, and it feels cool and comfortable.


  And after the rhinitis was relieved, the pharyngitis gradually improved, and I continued to use it for two months.

  I feel good, but I don’t dare to take it lightly. I stopped spraying for a month and I’m fine with normal people. Up to now, this season was originally a high-incidence period for me. This year, my nose has no problem at all.

  The final day-to-day aspect

  Daily care is also a great tool for me to get rid of rhinitis and pharyngitis quickly!

  1. Exercise

  Every time I finish running, I feel that my rhinitis will take effect for a while, as if I have returned to a state of no disease. Although it only takes half an hour, it also shows me that running does have an effect on rhinitis.

  So I go to the park near my house every day and run for more than half an hour. This is also to strengthen my body and strengthen my immunity, so as to avoid repeated rhinitis and pharyngitis caused by colds!


  2. Diet

  Daily avoid spicy, cold and other irritating food, as well as seafood such as shrimp and crab.

  Usually you can eat more foods that nourish Qi and benefit the lungs, such as fungus, longan, walnuts, pine nuts, etc. to regulate the body.

  Especially the classmates who have this pharyngitis like me, must avoid it!

  Slightly spicy or irritating may make pharyngitis worse, and eating spicy food is really painful, like eating broken glass, painful and irritating…..

  For example, I usually eat some light home-cooked dishes, or vegetarian-based supplements for vitamins. When the summer heat is too hot to lose my appetite, I simply skip dinner and eat some fruits, such as my favorite strawberries, lychees, and some I won’t be hungry at night, and I can lose weight!! The important thing is that the frozen lychees are absolutely delicious!


  3. Work and rest

  Good work habits are really important!

  Especially now, it seems that staying up late has become a habit, sleeping at 1:00 and 2:00 all night long. Although it is cool to play mobile phones late at night, the body is the first.

  Like I once played chicken with my friends, I didn’t sleep until three in the morning, I was so absorbed in the game that I didn’t feel it, and when I was lying on the bed after the game and wanted to sleep, the rhinitis and pharyngitis came together, and I couldn’t sleep. I went to work with this big dark circle under my eyes two days ago. I spent the whole day coughing and blowing my nose. It was so uncomfortable…

  So you must work and rest regularly, and don’t stay up late! Now I just keep going to bed before 11:30 and get up at 8:00. I’m not sleepy at all, and I often wake up naturally.

  all in all–

  The treatment of rhinitis is not a one-day job

  to attack in all directions

  to heal it faster and better

  Let’s make it together!