Returning to vote 10.29: Zhuang Zhou fell out of the top 10, Dian Wei’s ranking fell, and Monkey ranked first. Reason found

Text/Jing Haijun

The time comes to October 29th, and the return voting for the limited skin of King Glory has set off new waves. The popular hero Zhuang Zhou has fallen out of the top 10, and Dian Wei, who has been in the fourth place for a long time, has finally been overtaken, and many people are thinking about it. Lu Bu is finally close to the top 10.

What is the current situation of the game, and who has locked the current return quota?

current ranking

In addition to Sun Xingzhe’s stable number one, what other skins are there in the top 10?

⑴ skin of 8-10 people

In the current voting leaderboard, the 8-10 skins and their votes are:

Tenth place: Zhao Yun’s gentian, currently his votes are 10,196,391.

The ninth place: Da Qiao’s goddess of Baiheliang, currently her votes are 10512245.

Eighth place: Lu Bu’s general, his current number of votes is 10,617,050.

Compared with yesterday’s ranking, Cloud Dream Builder successfully dropped out of the top 10 under the influence of Xuan Song and Gao Shan Liu Shui. I really feel sorry for Zhuang Zhou, because if the votes for his three skins are counted into one, he It is possible to steadily enter the top 5 (even as long as the two add up to be a favorable contender for the top 5).

After Zhuang Zhou fell out of the top 10, Lu Bu’s success came to the eighth position. Although the Goddess of Baiheliang was very good, Da Qiao’s popularity was indeed inferior to that of Lu Bu~

(2) 5-7 skins

The skins ranked 5-7 with the most votes are:

Seventh place: Fei Heng of Han Xin, currently his votes are 12560307.

The sixth place: Gongsun Li’s Qixue Lingzhu, her current number of votes is 13282157.

Fifth place: Dai Zong of Dian Wei, currently his votes are 15773167.

Han Xin’s Fei Heng and Gongsun Li’s Qi Xuelingzhu ranked the same as yesterday, still seventh and sixth. Dian Wei’s Daizong dropped from fourth to fifth. With three days left to vote, the variables are still very large.

CD2-4 skin

The skins currently ranked 2-4 are:

Fourth place: Zhuge Liang’s Shi Yutian Division, currently his votes are 17008367

The third place: Sun Shangxiang’s spirit contract from the other world, his current votes are 20107899.

Second place: Diao Chan’s meeting with Hu Xuan, her current number of votes is 21743784.

From falling to overtaking, Shi Yutian has now led Daizong by 1.43 million votes, basically locking in the position of 3 to 1. There is a difference of 1.7 million votes between the third world spirit contract and the second meeting Hu Xuan. I feel that the two of them can fight a dozen times (the most important thing is that the rising curves of these two skins are similar). Who is the second direct seller? There is still a lot of suspense about the return.

⑷ Countdown to 5 skins

After reading the top ten, let’s take a look at the five skins that have been completely out of the game.

The last five skins in the current vote list are:

Fifth from the bottom: Zhang Fei’s tiger soul, his current votes are 3358701

Fourth from the bottom: Sun Bin’s Sirius operator, currently his votes are 3,331,971.

The third from the bottom: Zhu Wuneng of Zhu Bajie, currently his votes are 3,191,366.

Second to last: Nezha’s Dream Wing, currently his votes are 2,640,247

The last one: Cao Cao’s Sirius Conqueror, currently his votes are 2,154,533.

From the very beginning of the vote, Boss Cao’s Sirius Conqueror ranked last from the bottom. According to the current trend, it seems that the bottom position cannot be escaped.

In fact, in this return, Zhang Fei’s Tiger Soul and Niu Mo’s Thunder God’s Envoy are of good quality, but unfortunately they are not many people like them as ugly male assistants. But the more this is the case, the greater the probability that the assistant will return alone. As long as everyone can give enough confidence to the planning in this return vote, you understand what I mean?

Sun Wukong’s skin is so powerful

Sun Xingzhe’s current number of votes is as high as 41883415. The second and third places are similar to him. Why is he so powerful?

Is it because the score of Sun Xingzhe’s skin is as high as 9.3, so Sun Wukong’s return vote is so powerful? To prove it, I took a look at a few other Monkey King skins:

The score of Dasheng Marry is 8.3 points, the score of Monkey King is 4.4 points, the supreme treasure is 9.3 points, and the zero red flame is 5.4 points.

The Supreme Treasure made a successful return in 2017, the Monkey King returned as the second place in 2018, and after being defeated by the coalition forces in 2019, Dasheng Married returned as the first place in 20 years.

Why is the Supreme Treasure able to return as the first place, why Sun Xingzhe is far ahead in the number of votes, why does it take two times for the Dasheng to get married before he can successfully return to the game, is the Dasheng marriage really defeated by the coalition forces? Let’s look at their respective ratings, and then look at their return experience over the years. I think the answer has come out.

As evidence, let’s first look at Chiyan’s score, and then think about why he returned to the show early on April 1st this year.

So I hope that everyone will not blindly go to the mythical Monkey King, he is indeed very popular, but behind the popularity, I think the quality of the skin itself is also very important.

The above is the whole content of this issue. I am Jing Haijun, the rivers and lakes are not big, and I will see you next time.