“Return of Overwatch” exceeded 25 million daily players in ten days, three times the peak of the original game

Blizzard announced that “Return of Overwatch” has attracted more than 25 million players to play the game in ten days. That’s better than when Overwatch launched in 2016 – it sold 15 million copies in three months. Blizzard further stated that the number of daily players in “Return” of “Overwatch” is three times the peak of the original game.

Of course, “Return” of “Overwatch” adopted the F2P operation model, while “Overwatch” adopted the buyout system. “Return” of “Overwatch” has a lower threshold for playing, and it is natural to achieve better results.

“The launch of Overwatch’s ‘Return’ is an important moment for Blizzard,” said Blizzard President Mike Ybarra. “This is just the beginning, there are many possibilities to explore the world of Overwatch, and we can’t wait for players to explore and develop A vibrant game world created by the team.”

The “Return” plan of “Overwatch” will reveal the PVE-related update plan next year.

“Return of Overwatch” currently has an average media score of 80/100 on Metacretic, which is a very good media evaluation.