Report: Barcelona made Jorginho promise not to make a decision until they receive their offer

  Chelsea midfielder Jorginho is one of the most popular players in the transfer market as the 30-year-old is free to move when his contract expires next summer.

  Barça football director Mattou Alimani made it clear: Barça will look for opportunities, and players whose contracts have expired will be given priority. Jorginho fits this situation, and it is reported that his agent has met with Barcelona.

  During that meeting, Barca managed to get the player to promise not to make any decisions until a concrete offer from Barca was received.

  The player’s agent is also clear: Jorginho wants to finalize the situation by January. He becomes a free agent in June, but he hopes to determine the future sooner.

  He is waiting for an offer from Chelsea, but he has been pursued by many clubs, not only Barcelona but also Juventus and other clubs.

  ”Daily Sports” said that Barcelona’s offer will depend on various factors. The first is the case of Frenkie de Jong. Then there’s the Bernardo Silva situation, the player Xavi wants.

  Another factor is Busquets’ departure or stay. His contract with Barcelona expires next summer and he is expected to leave Camp Nou.

  Barca are looking to find a replacement for Busquets at the end of the season, with Jorginho being a big option.