Repeated dreaming may be the body calling for help! See if you have been recruited?

Sleep is an essential physiological need of the human body

Helps body and brain recover and repair

Sleep problems are a common problem faced by modern people

recurrent dreaming may be one of them

However, you know what?

dream repeatedly

Or it could be your body sending out a distress signal.

Have you ever experienced this in your sleep?

Xiaomei (pseudonym) is a programmer who works in front of the computer for more than ten hours every day, and often works until late at night to complete the task. Although she loves her job very much, this high-intensity work life has gradually exhausted her body and her mental state has become worse and worse.

One night, Xiaomei went to bed early, but couldn’t fall asleep. She lay on the bed tossing and turning, full of irritability and restlessness, as if an invisible hand had grabbed her heart, preventing her from getting a peaceful sleep. Although Xiaomei fell asleep, she had a dream again and woke up suddenly, sweating all over her body, and her heartbeat became extremely fast. She felt as if she hadn’t slept all night and was very tired.

Why do we dream repeatedly?

There is a period of sleep called rapid eye movement (REM) , when the body is most active, breathing and heart rate will increase, and we are also prone to dreaming. During this stage, our brain activity is as high as when we are awake, if not higher. During the REM phase, our eyes also move rapidly back and forth in their orbits.

Possible Causes of Recurrent Dreaming

★ Excessive pressure: Excessive pressure from work, study, and interpersonal relationships may cause recurrent dreams.

★ Anxiety and depression: Anxiety and depression can also lead to recurrent dreams.

★ Physical discomfort or disease: some physical discomfort or disease, such as stomach pain, headache, heart disease, etc. may also cause recurrent dreams.

these sleep phenomena

Or the “distress signal” sent by the body

During sleep, we sometimes experience unpleasant dreams, such as recurring nightmares, dreams of physical pain or injury, etc. These phenomena may be the body’s distress signal, suggesting that there may be some health problems.

1. Recurring nightmares usually mean that our mental state is unstable. Prolonged stress, anxiety, depression and other emotions can affect the quality of sleep and make us prone to nightmares.

2. If there is physical pain or injury in the dream, it may also be that the body is sending out a distress signal. In this case, we may need to check the body for problems.

3. Waking up suddenly with a racing heart or shortness of breath may also be your body calling for help. This phenomenon often occurs when there is an emergency in a dream or when there is a serious problem with the body, our body will automatically respond in this way.

When the above situations occur, we need to pay attention to our physical health. If these situations occur frequently, it is recommended to seek medical examination in time.

How to improve sleep quality?

0 1

Establish healthy sleep habits

Go to bed regularly, maintain a regular sleep time and sleep environment, and relax before going to bed.

0 2

improve lifestyle

Avoid drinking, smoking and other bad habits, exercise properly, and maintain healthy eating habits.

0 3

seek medical help

If sleep problems affect the quality of life, you can consider seeking medical help, such as consulting a psychologist or seeking Chinese medicine for conditioning.

improve sleep quality

we need in our daily life

Strengthen attention and care for the body

Avoid stress and anxiety as much as possible

And deal with physical discomfort or disease in time

if still bothered

A professional doctor should be consulted in time

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