“Rendering extreme revenge”! Removed from the entire network!

“Rendering extreme revenge”! Removed from the entire network!

On November 21, WeChat Coral Security issued an announcement saying: During the special management of illegal micro-short dramas, the platform found that the micro-short drama “Black Lotus Ascension Manual” exaggerated the bad values ​​​​of extreme revenge and using violence to counter violence, confusing the concept of right and wrong, and damaging the platform Due to the good ecology, the platform has removed the play from the shelves and is now announcing it.

On the same day, the Kuaishou Security Center also issued an announcement stating that during a recent inspection, the platform found that the micro-short drama “Black Lotus Ascension Manual” exaggerates extreme revenge, uses violence to counter violence, confuses the concept of right and wrong, and excessively exaggerates the evil in human nature, bringing negative consequences. value orientation. The platform has removed the play from the shelves and is now announcing it.

On the Douyin platform, the official account of “Black Lotus Master’s Manual” has now become a private account, and all posted content is invisible.

The “Black Lotus Ascension Manual” was removed from the shelves

What is the origin

This paid short drama that attracted 20 million yuan in 24 hours was reported online on November 16. Two days later, it became a hot search topic and sparked widespread discussion. It was subsequently removed from the entire network. In just three or four days, “Black Lotus” “The Master’s Manual” detonated the entire short drama industry.

This drama is produced by the short drama team “Tinghua Island” and is played on mini programs and short video platforms. With the story of a concubine’s revenge, which is fast-paced and has many reversals, it has attracted some netizens .

After “Black Lotus” was removed from the shelves, the show’s official Douyin account released another short drama “Li Teshu is so charming” from “Tinghua Island”, but it was also quickly removed from the shelves.

Public information shows that the producer of “Black Lotus Ascension Manual” is Shanghai Silver Earth Culture Media Co., Ltd.

According to the Tianyancha App, Shanghai Silver Dadi Culture Media Co., Ltd. was established in June 2019 with a registered capital of 5 million yuan. Zhang Jingsi is the legal representative and executive director, and indirectly holds the company through Shanghai Another Kind of Beauty Culture Media Co., Ltd. 99.99% of the shares are the actual controller. Intellectual property information shows that the company has applied for Internet celebrity blogger trademarks such as “Qiao Qiyue” and “Jiang Qiyi”, and the current trademark status is mostly awaiting substantive review. It is reported that Zhang Jingsi was once a partner of Mimeng (Ma Ling), and the email prefix used in the recruitment information previously released by Silver Earth was also Mimeng’s email prefix “mm_hr”.

Douyin, Kuaishou and WeChat management micro-drama

SARFT: Rectification will become normalized

Recently, the three major short video platforms WeChat, Douyin, and Kuaishou have actively responded to the State Administration of Radio and Television’s regulatory management of the online micro-short drama industry ecology, and have successively banned a large number of accounts for publishing micro-short dramas in violation of regulations.

The “Announcement on Further Standardizing the “Micro-Short Drama” Content in Mini Programs” and the “Announcement on the Phased Management of “Micro-Short Drama” Content in Mini Programs” issued by WeChat stated that some illegal micro-short dramas have been removed from the shelves. The relevant illegal mini-programs were dealt with.

In addition, Kuaishou removed more than 10 illegal micro-short dramas from the shelves, and at the same time, 13 accounts that posted illegal content were punished accordingly according to the degree of violation. Douyin has been the most aggressive in this round of rectification. It has recently removed 119 illegal micro-short dramas from its shelves and dealt with 1,188 Douyin accounts that illegally promoted micro-short dramas.

Regarding the rectification of micro-short dramas, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television has made it clear that it will normalize it and will increase management efforts in many aspects, including accelerating the formulation of the “Detailed Rules for the Creation, Production and Content Review of Online Micro-Shorts”, research and promotion of online micro-shorts Apps and “mini programs” have been incorporated into daily organizational management, a “blacklist” mechanism for mini programs has been established, and a statistical mechanism for promoting online micro-short dramas has been entrusted to the China Network Audiovisual Association to carry out daily monitoring of online micro-short dramas, and a one-month Special rectification work, etc.

Mainly attracts young people

The micro-short drama industry ushered in explosive growth

The longest single episode is no more than 10 minutes, and the shortest is even less than 60 seconds. Recently, micro-short dramas have become popular on the Internet, especially among young people.

Industry data predicts that the market size of mini program short dramas in 2023 will be close to 25 billion yuan. According to the relevant person in charge of a program production company, the scale of advertising for micro-short dramas is about 60 million yuan per day. With the recent ban of many short video platforms and creators, advertising will create a large market gap.

Some micro-short dramas rely on reversal and exciting clips to attract traffic, thereby attracting users to spend money to unlock more plots. This profit model has also caused a lot of controversy.

Micro-short dramas, according to the definition of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, are “online dramas with a single episode not exceeding 10 minutes.” Since the beginning of this year, the micro-short drama industry has experienced explosive growth. CITIC Construction Investment predicts in a research report that the market size will reach 20 billion to 30 billion yuan in 2023, and is expected to continue high growth next year. According to Shangguan News, nearly 300 micro-short dramas were submitted for registration every month in the first half of this year.

Micro-short dramas are often presented in a vertical screen format, focusing on “lightweight”, with low production costs and short cycle times. The minimum shooting cost per minute is only a few thousand yuan.

Most micro-short dramas focus on presenting more dramatic conflicts in the shortest possible time in order to capture the curiosity and attention of fans. For example, in the last scene, the male protagonist was being scolded by his mother-in-law, and then cut to the next second. “The Dragon King arrived” and his hidden noble identity was revealed, making the mother-in-law and the whole family regret it.

Because of its characteristics of “many exciting points, fast pace, plot reversal and reversal, and stylized plot settings” , it has attracted many netizens to “fall in” and recharge their money.

According to reports, public information shows that a popular micro-short drama launched on the WeChat mini program at the end of August did not have a well-known director or actor in the team. The cost was less than 500,000 yuan, but the recharge exceeded 100 million yuan within 8 days of its launch.

Because the production cycle is short and the results are quick, the micro-short drama track is quickly crowded with gold diggers, including but not limited to leading online writing companies, established film and television media companies, game developers, and advertising…


Normalizing the supervision of the micro-short drama industry will help purify the industry ecology

A person in charge of a certain program production category told reporters: “The qualification requirements for micro-short dramas on mainstream platforms include the “Internet Culture Business License”, “Radio and Television Program Production and Business License”, “Information Network Communication Audiovisual Program License” and ” ICP Telecom Value-Added Business License”, etc. Currently, many micro-short drama creation and dissemination agencies on the market have almost no relevant qualifications. While they are growing wildly, shoddy works are everywhere, causing damage to the industry order and the ecological environment. The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television has Normalized supervision of micro-short dramas will effectively purify the industry ecology.”

Chen Duan, director of the Digital Economy Integrated Innovation and Development Center of the Central University of Finance and Economics, believes: “The rectification of illegal micro-short dramas is conducive to clearing up the industry environment. It is a good thing for leading companies that standardize operations. It will also constitute a sustainable development for the healthy and orderly development of the micro-short drama industry.” Good news.”

Wang Peng, director of the Digital Economy Research Institute of Nanchang University of Technology, said: “The normalization of supervision of the micro-short drama industry will help leading companies strengthen their own quality and content innovation. Listed companies in the industry will also produce higher-quality and more in-depth micro-drama. skits to improve competitiveness.”

Source: Guangzhou Daily Comprehensive