Ren Zhengfei’s latest voice: localization, chips, etc.! Future trends are heavily studied and judged!

Ren Zhengfei’s latest speech exposed!

It is all about the heavy research and judgment on future trends and the issues that everyone is most concerned about!

On March 17, Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei, said at a symposium on the winners and experts of the Spark Awards inside and outside the company that Huawei is still in a difficult period, but it has not stopped on the way forward. In 2022, Huawei’s research and development expenditure will be 23.8 billion U.S. dollars. In a few years, as the company’s profits increase, it will continue to increase investment in cutting-edge exploration. Regarding the current hot artificial intelligence, Ren Zhengfei believes that in the future, there will be a surge in the AI ​​model, not just Microsoft. The direct contribution of artificial intelligence software platform companies to human society may be less than 2%, and 98% is the promotion of industrial society and agricultural society. The popularization of AI services requires 5G connections. In the speech, it was stated that Huawei completed the replacement development of 13,000+ devices and the repeated board replacement development of 4,000+ circuit boards within three years…

Ren Zhengfei said that Huawei is still in a difficult period, but it has not stopped on the way forward. Xinbang (ID: icrankcn) learned that Ren Zhengfei introduced Huawei’s device localization replacement results, how Huawei made up for its backwardness in chips, Huawei’s software localization results, the reasons why Germany supports Huawei’s 5G, and Huawei’s 3 During the year, he won many “mountain tops” in basic research.

①Regarding the localization of Huawei’s components. Ren Zhengfei introduced that Huawei completed the replacement development of 13,000+ devices and the repeated board replacement development of 4,000+ circuit boards in 3 years… “It is not until now that our circuit boards have stabilized because we have domestically produced components. gone.”

② About the chip. Ren Zhengfei said, “We can’t be number one yet. The United States is still strong, because advanced chip manufacturing is still difficult in China.” The system simulation laboratory is to build our advanced “digital wind tunnel” to speed up the iterative speed of scientific research through system modeling, analysis, simulation, verification and optimization.

In addition, Ren Zhengfei suggested that enterprises should pay attention to applications, especially in industrial and agricultural societies. The application of models is sometimes more promising than the models themselves. Therefore, the company will focus on application platforms and strive to build a computing power platform that meets social needs. The opportunity for ChatGPT is to expand computing and pipeline traffic, thereby stimulating product market demand.

The original text is as follows:

Recently, in order to thank the winners of the National Spark Award for their significant contributions to the industry and the scientific community, Huawei organized a symposium with some award-winning teachers and experts, and Mr. Ren delivered a speech.

“Shine the spark and create the future together”

——Speech by Mr. Ren at the symposium on winners and topic experts of the “Discovering the Problem” Spark Award inside and outside the company

February 24, 2023

First of all, thank you for your contribution to Huawei. We are still in difficult times, but we are not stopping on the way forward. In 2022, our research and development expenditure will be 23.8 billion US dollars. After a few years, as our profits increase, we will continue to increase investment in frontier exploration. Our cooperation with universities is to explore the future of mankind within a certain technological boundary; the 2012 laboratory is based on basic theory and applied theory, exploring the possibility of reality, without target assessment; the product line is responsible for the commercial success of the product. It can be roughly divided into these three stages. With the growth of our economic strength, we will continue to expand the “horn mouth” of foreign cooperation.

When I was young, I admired the West because Western technology was so advanced. In our era, books were very precious. It was difficult to find a good book. I wanted to read but couldn’t buy a book. After founding Huawei, I was also pro-Western. At that time, we put forward a slogan “to use the best parts and tools in the world to build the best products in the world”, and we realized it. Later, we were suddenly sanctioned, and others could not provide us with parts and tools… We were stupid. Many of the best components in the world come from the United States. In fact, I am pro-American. When the United States hit us with a stick and severely sanctioned us, Xu Zhijun said to me at an office meeting: “The United States didn’t understand that if they continued to beat us, they turned a person who was the most pro-American into a person who was most pro-American. Anti-Americans”. Of course, I am not anti-American now. If we want to become the most advanced, we must learn from all advanced people. The soft power of the United States in science and education is still beyond our reach in decades. The politicians in the United States are also round after round. The innovative soil of the United States for hundreds of years will not be degraded because of them.

Fortunately, we spent nearly 20 years in the past to make preparations in basic theory, and invested hundreds of billions to train a group of scientists who study basic theory and experts with technical know-how. They have been climbing the “Himalayas” of science. When we were suppressed, these scientists were invited to the “foot of the mountain” to “herd sheep” and “plant land”…and take part in the battle of “killing pigs” with a “scalpel”. We completed the replacement development of 13,000+ components and the repeated board replacement development of 4,000+ circuit boards within three years… Until now, our circuit boards have stabilized because we have domestically produced components. In April of this year, our MetaERP will take an oath, completely using its own operating system, database, compiler and language… to make its own management system MetaERP software. MetaERP has experienced the actual application test of various departments of the company around the world, and passed the annual settlement test of the company’s general ledger. Our company’s ledger is the most complicated in the industry, and it has successfully proved that MetaERP can be promoted with confidence. Many design tools are also released to the public on HUAWEI CLOUD, gradually overcoming the embarrassment of supply interruption.

In the past, we cooperated with universities in western countries for a large amount of research, and now we have begun to strengthen cooperation with domestic universities, which is related to the change of my personal guiding ideology. On our way to the forefront, we will gradually strengthen domestic cooperation in this area. Now we can start to understand each other, if you have any questions, welcome to discuss together.

1. (Lu Huchuan) Question: Our school wants to build a future technology college. When we designed it, we thought that if we can understand some future needs of innovative companies like Huawei, we can give students more guidance and space for development through school-enterprise cooperation. , will be able to promote the cultivation of future technical talents. This is our own idea as the education industry. I wonder if Huawei has corresponding ideas and specific measures for cooperation with universities in terms of future technical talents?

Ren Zong: This may involve the country’s system design. In my opinion, science and technology are two different concepts, science is discovery, technology is invention. Vannevar Bush’s book “Science: The Endless Frontier” is very well written. Science is the endless frontier, and the unknown is called science. From this perspective, education is the same as science. Education does not necessarily have accurate answers, and accurate answers are not necessarily the needs of schools.

A child who is a doctoral student at MIT told me that they have no lecture notes or textbooks; the teacher lectures, writes on the blackboard, and assigns a batch of reference books; Viewpoints, recommend some reference books to guide you to read; then you write, writing articles does not need results, as long as the thinking logic is appropriate, the teacher will give you a score, this is science. What the teacher was talking about was the frontier of his research, and he himself did not fully understand that science is the work of generations. As long as a doctor has a way of thinking, there may not be results. Some sciences are too far away, and it is difficult to prove it in one step. It is good to have a correct process. Our Spark Award does not necessarily have to have “results”. Otherwise, how can it be called “the blue is better than the blue”? If education always pursues results, students’ thinking will be constrained. Therefore, it is not enough to be too pragmatic and demand-oriented to lead China forward. Education should allow students to “think wildly”, as long as the logic of his thinking is consistent, don’t restrain him. Reading is to get the “key” to open the door. The key is to read a methodology. The method of using knowledge is more important than knowledge. Because knowledge can be obtained on the Internet, how to combine and how to stitch together, this is what the university should learn.

The needs of enterprises are realistic, because we must solve real problems, but education should not focus on real needs, but should be future-oriented.

2. (Wang Benyou) Question: I just joined the school as an assistant professor this year, and my research direction is related to ChatGPT. In foreign countries, these researches are done by relatively young people, but it is different in China. Many resources are basically in the hands of relatively high-level professors or engineers, such as machines and students, but their understanding and follow-up of new technologies In may not be enough. Young people have good ideas, but without machines, they cannot recruit better students. Those with the ability have no resources, and those with the resources have no ability. Faced with such a situation, what advice and guidance does Mr. Ren have?

Mr. Ren : I know that the EDA of the Chinese University of Hong Kong is doing very well, and other fields should also be very good; the semiconductor technology teaching of the City University of Hong Kong is very good; the theory of the University of Hong Kong is very good;…

First, the types of scientists can be different. Some are architectural scientists, some are explanatory scientists, some are breakthrough scientists, and some are craftsmen… . Older scientists have rich life experience and a clear understanding of system architecture; they explain the architecture model to young people, and young people can easily break through if they have strange ideas, and the defects in this architecture can be easily repaired; some People practice deeply, have accumulated rich Know-How experience in engineering realization, and are good at solving complex engineering problems. We are also called craftsman scientists. The most creative are young people, but the most capable of structure are experienced experts and old professors, who have a very clear understanding of the entire structure. Therefore, only by combining old, middle-aged and young people can the country overcome major difficulties.

In my opinion, the School of Surveying and Mapping of Wuhan University has done a very good job. Five academicians give lectures to freshmen, which is the most correct. The children in the first grade are the smartest, but they don’t know what it’s like to climb the “second floor”, so the professor tells him what the “second floor”, “third floor”, “fourth floor”… are. It doesn’t take eight years to graduate with a Ph.D. to suddenly realize that this is what the “second floor” looks like. The reforms in Shenzhen some time ago are very good. Doctoral students are working as middle school teachers and primary school teachers. This shows that the country is making progress. Inspire his future ideals when he was a child. Don’t tell him when he is almost old, or he will miss the best era of creation and invention. Because the most creative thinking is in childhood, the imaginary space, imaginary people, and imaginary interpersonal relationships are beyond our imagination. Why should they walk in unison at this time, why can’t they be allowed to be a little inconsistent? China Our future needs a hundred flowers to bloom.

Second, in the future, there will be turmoil in AI large models, not just Microsoft. The direct contribution of artificial intelligence software platform companies to human society may be less than 2%, and 98% is the promotion of industrial society and agricultural society. The popularization of AI services requires 5G connections. The reason why Germany is so supportive of Huawei’s 5G is because it wants to promote the advancement of artificial intelligence in German industry. Many factories in Germany have unmanned production; China’s Xiangtan Iron and Steel Plant has unmanned furnaces from steelmaking to rolling; The loading and unloading of goods in Tianjin Port has also become unmanned. Once the code is entered, the container is automatically moved from the ship and then transported away by car; after Shanxi Coal Mine adopted 5G+ artificial intelligence underground, the number of personnel has been reduced by 60-70%. Wear a suit to work in the control room on the ground. …. These are examples that have been used on a large scale, and in these processes, the final contribution to humanity is great.

Everyone should pay attention to the application, especially the application of the industrial and agricultural society. The application of the model is sometimes more promising than the model itself. However, in addition to being an AI underlying computing power platform, the application platform is not an option for our company. Our company knows nothing else, so we have to focus on this aspect and strive to build a computing power platform that meets social needs. It is Xu Zhijun’s idea that the underlying platform will be open to me. Of the 2% platform contribution, we can just take a small amount. What is ChatGPT’s opportunity for us? It will expand the calculation and expand the pipeline flow, so that our products will have market demand.

3. (Wang Zuankai) Question: Mr. Ren said just now that you did not read when you were young, but you founded Huawei and created miracles. Did your personal leadership and personal heroism play a decisive role?

Mr. Ren : I’m talking about the 1960s. In that era, there was a lack of technical books. There were not as many books as there are today. There was also the Internet. Young people should cherish this opportunity. What a wonderful era! On the Internet, the collision of ideas is globalized, and the spark of collision is also at the forefront of the times. It promotes a huge group to create the world, and the speed of the world’s progress is thus accelerated. It should be the strength of all people.

In the field of connection, we should be the world leader. This is achieved by 200,000 people, plus 200,000 outsourced people, plus the energy absorbed from theoretical workers all over the world. For example, the theory of 5G was triggered by a mathematics paper written by Professor Arikan of Turkey. In the field of computing, we also want to catch up with the United States, and we have a window of opportunity. To seize the window of opportunity, we still need to rely on collective strength to promote cluster computing. Our company calls it “a cup of coffee absorbs the energy of the universe”, mainly because the collective intelligence squeezes and impacts each other. Your thought ignites his spark, and his spark ignites a raging fire. For example, President Zhang Xiang of the University of Hong Kong mentioned the scientific research on radiative cooling of ordinary glass. The sun shines on the outer surface, and the inner surface emits cold air. Wouldn’t it be a huge achievement that this technology could be applied to the shell of our machines?

Therefore, individual inventions must have a group platform to turn sparks into raging fires. How to unite this platform? Everyone will focus on carrying a “sedan chair”.

4. (Yang Fanyi) Question: After Huawei recognized the importance of mathematics, how did it promote and deploy at the company level? In addition, as many excellent mathematics talents joined Huawei, and Huawei’s mathematics ability gradually strengthened, Will it continue to strengthen cooperation with the scientific research community of universities?

Ren Zong : Napoleon’s method of establishing a country with mathematics promoted the progress of French mathematics; Ekaterina introduced Western philosophy and painting…in fact, it also promoted the progress of Russia. Physics is mathematics, civil engineering is mathematics, mechanics is mathematics… Mathematics can be used to solve problems in various places, covering a wide range. For example, experts in civil engineering solve the algorithm problems of civil architecture through their understanding of civil architecture.

Why does our company attach importance to mathematics? What is radio and what is communication? Isn’t electromagnetic wave just an equation? A mathematical paper by Professor Arikan of Turkey became a raging fire of 5G ten years later; in the early 1960s, former Soviet scientist Peter U In a paper published by Fimtsev, diamond facets can scatter radio waves, and the United States built the F22 stealth aircraft 20 years later; The facet calculation method has laid the foundation for today’s aero-engine industry. …. In the future of information society, the importance of mathematics is getting higher and higher. Artificial intelligence is all mathematics, and algorithm problems are mathematical problems. How to use algorithms to solidify some quantities of physics into a model? This model is for everyone to use. Those who use the model do not have to understand it, as long as they can use it. Of course, physics, chemistry, neurobiology, engineering, electronics… are also very important.

We will build a system simulation laboratory in Shengshi. The mathematics of Shengda University is very powerful in the world. Wireless, network, computing, digital energy, supply, manufacturing, materials… can all do simulation experiments here; we are in your An established a mirror laboratory. When doing large-scale model experiments, you can build exactly the same complete scene in Gui’an, and you don’t have to try it on the actual scene of the customer. Teachers are invited to come to us to do research and experiment. You can take away the results, and we will learn from the papers you publish.

Therefore, for colleges and universities, after the company overcomes the difficulties, within a certain technical boundary, the support for colleges and universities will be greater, and it will make a little contribution to improving everyone’s academic environment. But compared with the country, our money is much less after all.

5. (Li Yanbiao) Question: We have a guiding ideology: study real problems, really study problems, and really solve problems. After the announcement, we have promoted a cooperation project with Huawei, which will involve openness and some institutional issues. For example, how will our research plan be implemented in Huawei’s product line, and how will we follow up? Can the people who give the questions be encouraged? This will encourage everyone to be willing to share things with us, and to cooperate with us to solve problems.

Mr. Ren : We can’t be too stingy. Teachers should be given corresponding bonuses and commendations after they unveil the list, combining spiritual and material incentives.

Our learning platform is divided into several parts: one is “Huang Danian Chasiwu”, where all theories (including our own) are fully open, because we believe that Huawei’s integration capabilities should be stronger than other companies; the second is “Jia Xian Net”, that is Know-How, it is technology, and it is not open to the society at present; third, the part that is technically open is released to “Huang Danian Chasiwu”. The teacher’s research results are theories and may not be useful soon. Regarding the follow-up question, don’t you have someone you know? They will disclose information to you, and you are welcome to participate if you are interested.

We need talents with the ability to solve problems, and people with all-round development have little effect on our company . For example, the “Spark Award” is to solve the problem, and you may also be a “crooked melon cracking the date”, except for solving this problem, you don’t know much about it. Comprehensive development is for cultivating leaders. When it comes to Ph.D. should not be developed in an all-round way, it is enough to make a breakthrough at any point. We should change the evaluation system for Ph.D. If it can be changed, it will be of great value to the next generation of children.

6. (Ou Yangming) Question: Recently, I have noticed that a “genius boy” left the company for two years to start a robotics business; I have a friend who graduated from the University of Zurich in a similar situation, and he is considered a top player in this field. Yes, I also left after working for two years. ChatGPT, electric vehicles, DJI drones… many disruptive innovations are made by this kind of start-ups. The first question, how does Mr. Ren see the difference between young people’s innovation and entrepreneurship and the conservative? The second question, in addition to remuneration, can our company give young people some resource encouragement in the system, and encourage everyone to make breakthroughs, Innovation, dare to challenge?

Ren Zong : First, when you enter our company, the title of “genius boy” will no longer be used . The positioning of “genius boy” is mainly used to determine the level and salary of entry. When all new employees are on the job training in Sanyapo, there are topics posted everywhere. Everyone should actively reply to the post. Some people will read this post, and some people will come to you for coffee. You have to seriously communicate, disagree or agree all will do. They are selecting people, and these experts have the power to grade you on the spot and assign jobs, because they are very powerful experts themselves. If he thinks you can be trained, the rank will be set very high. Why do you have to start from the lowest level? He can also pull you into his project team, and you will directly enter the big project team. A large project team does not mean a large scale, but a high-end project team.

We emphasize “eclectic selection of talents”, combining old, middle-aged and young people, and rolling forward in an open environment. Young people who have the most breakthrough ability are 25-35 years old; those with experience and qualifications have the ability to structure, and structure and breakthrough are equally important. There are also problems of success and failure in science and technology. Failure is not discouraged, and failure is also a practical exercise for you.

Second, we cannot monopolize talents. If employees want to go out to start a business or go to other companies, it is useful for the country to give full play to their talents and give full play to their value. In the past, there was a movie called “Center Dies Before Dawn”. We monopolized talents and held them even if they were useless, wasting his youth and paying him a salary. We also reflect on the talent mechanism. For example, after some people enter the company, they do not make good use of what they are best at. Failure to play a role is tantamount to wasting their youth.

The key to talents is how to use them. For example, we emphasize the vertical circulation mechanism of experts. Experts cannot stay in one position for a long time, and have to go to the front line to circulate. As soon as the “stone” is turned over, the “grass” under the pressure grows taller, and everyone can see it, so that young people will not be buried under the “stone”. The purpose of expert vertical circulation is to let him combine theory and practice to solve practical problems. The vertical cycle does not necessarily reduce the salary. The working group has no rank, and he can be higher than the administrative department. He can be a “lieutenant officer”, “college officer”, “major general”, “admiral”…, keep his cycle, until a suitable position is available. Of course, unsuitable people also face elimination. Practice without theory can only be felt after dozens of times of blind exploration; without practice, there is no deep understanding of theory.

7. (Ye Guodong) Question: The world is gradually entering the data age. Algorithms, computing power, and data are the three pillars of the data age. In terms of algorithms and computing power, colleges and universities have solutions, but it is difficult for colleges and universities to collect data, and a lot of data is actually provided by various companies. However, some data may involve some privacy issues, and it is difficult for companies to provide, so the progress of related algorithms is very slow. What is Mr. Ren’s opinion on this issue?

Mr. Ren : Our company has a project. We hope to have tens of millions of servers with one operating system. They are all young people, so I will let them talk nonsense. Anyway, it is impossible for us to achieve tens of millions of servers now. Now hundreds of thousands of operating systems can be achieved.

Our company’s algorithm is an algorithm to solve computing power, and our energy is mainly focused on how to use algorithms to reduce consumption in the process of large traffic, and only make the “black land” basic platform. In principle, we do not make algorithms to solve customer applications, but only customers can understand the algorithm part that serves business. The data belongs to others, and we can borrow it at most.

We may also learn from Google in the future and do some research that has no practical significance. It may not necessarily be related to Huawei’s business. In fact, it is to make a little more contribution to human society. Of course, we don’t have that much money right now. When the net profit is enough, our scientific frontier will be pushed a step further, from sparks to the universe.

8. (Zhao Yanlong) Question: In some fields of applied mathematics, from the perspective of Huawei, which problems can we make medium-term or long-term planning?

Ren Zong : I think that the combination of mathematics and industry should be the task of some specific application research institutes. For example, Zhenjiang Agricultural Machinery College of Jiangsu University and Zhengzhou have cooperated to produce hydraulic tractors. Why can’t the colleges have their own characteristics? Isn’t it a famous school in some aspects? High-horsepower hydraulic tractors are currently only available in the United States, and nearly 10,000 mu of cultivated land per day Very powerful. The tractors made in my country have low horsepower, but they already know how to make them. Why do Chinese colleges have to be exactly the same?

What the Chinese Academy of Sciences is responsible for is discovery, so it can explore some divergent and “boring” things and allow “nonsense”. This is the forerunner of mankind. But turning your discoveries into engineered products or devices is not what you are good at, and requires a wider range of cooperation. Only when your theory is connected with practice can it exert greater value, and “useless” can be “useful”.

9. (Cui Hanxiao) Question: Just now you said that science is doing “boring” things, and I very much agree. There is another saying, for example, 100 years ago Einstein could formulate the theory of relativity while sitting in his own room, but modern science may need large instruments and large scientific devices. In this case, if a young scientist does not have a clear goal orientation, it may be difficult to make some outstanding progress. Basic research has some uncertainties and it is difficult to plan ahead. Mr. Ren, how do you view the balance between the two?

Mr. Ren : Science is driven by curiosity. Some theories and papers may not be effective until one or two hundred years after they are published. Einstein made great discoveries at a young age. People don’t understand him. He was lonely. He was looking for people to drink coffee everywhere, each talking about his own. Life is so long, how many people are interested in drinking coffee with him? I thought someone would drink coffee with him every day. Greatness and loneliness are synonyms. For example, Mendel’s pea hybridization experiment was carried out for eight years from 1856 to 1863. He compiled the research results into a paper “Plant Hybridization Experiment” and published it. He discovered genetic genes, but failed to attract the attention of the academic community at that time. Mendel’s ideas and experiments were too advanced. After a hundred years, people realized the great value of genetics to human society.

We still need to separate science and technology. If we talk about purpose in doing things, purpose is technology, not science. Science is your hobby, and you will do whatever it takes to figure it out. Therefore, most scientists seem to be “lunatics”, and few scientists can see the achievements of their research in human society. For example, Maxwell didn’t know that his equations were so important to human society, and the current wireless world is based on his electromagnetic field theory; Faraday didn’t know that the current electrified society originated from his coil frame experiment; Pythagoras couldn’t think of him The theory of geometry evolved into the germs of calculus  ….

Scientists are also “ascetic monks”. The process of scientists advancing to the frontier of science is the same as that of missionaries advancing to Africa. Those missionaries who went to Africa were very miserable. Hundreds of years ago, they could only take a small wooden boat to travel from Europe to Africa. It would be good if only 1 out of 100 people survived. And from the sea to the barren land and virgin forest, how many people can survive. Is it still possible for him to reverse the process in this life and go back to England to visit his relatives? He can’t go back. Dedication is painful but also happy. Without their piety, Africa cannot be developed now, and the language cannot be understood, how can it be developed? Because they have spread the language, the language environment in Africa is good, and there is a basis for development.

10. (Han Kai) Question: Is there any need for further collaboration between some researches of universities and some R&D within our company to solve technical problems together? I would like to hear your suggestions in this regard.

Mr. Ren : The research of universities is not directly related to the research and development of our company, because universities should take on the tasks of universities, which is a very broad concept. We cooperate with colleges and universities. Our company just puts in a little something, releases it through the power of colleges and universities, and gives full play to the role of college scholars. For example, colleges and universities like “noodles”, we put some “MSG”.

The second is to identify some outstanding students, which are our seeds. If his life is really difficult, he can come to our company for an internship during the summer vacation, so that he can also have money to pay for tuition. There are also various ways. For example, our competition organization is carried out all over the world, not just in Chinese universities. We need to attract talent from all over the world to solve some of our problems.

11. (Zhou Junhe) Question: I have three feelings: First, we are really tired of doing projects with Huawei, because we usually do an annual report once a year when doing national projects, and do a quarterly report every quarter when we cooperate with other companies. Cooperation with Huawei is called a weekly report , Our Huawei colleagues can’t wait to call me a daily newspaper. Second, this project is really on the ground. Third, Huawei’s data protection is really strict. I suggest, is it possible to set up some Huawei-specific data release points? We come to do some analysis, and you do some physical control; you can also do some desensitization of certain data and remove Huawei’s core technology.

Mr. Ren : I don’t understand how Huawei’s “farmers” manage their day-to-day life, and whether they still have to play the “wake-up call”. We say “a cup of coffee absorbs cosmic energy”. For a period of time in the 2012 laboratory, when someone came back for reimbursement, he had to write a report on his experience and gains. Drinking coffee can find inspiration. Look at how naive these chief officers are. He thought he was going to drink coffee with “God”? How can these chief officers who have never drank “coffee” manage you professors?

First, in the future, the cooperation between our schools and enterprises should be reported once every few years. Don’t waste your time writing reports, whoever you report scientific research to, only yourself, because science is an endless frontier. We have allocated funds, and you can go to research, and you can make it public after the research. You can publish papers and write books. There is no need to bring the names of our employees, after all, they have already received high salaries. As long as we understand your thesis after reading it, we will start to digest it, and after digesting it, we will pass it on, and we will make a product and make money. Why should we compete with you for fame?

Second, when it comes to data, I am open-minded. The network of “Huang Danian Chasiwu” is connected with our company’s network. We can access the data on Huawei Cloud through the nearest Chasiwu for our joint research and cooperation with universities. When you need these data to enrich your results, you can apply and we will open it for you to download. I think that opening it up to you is also good for the country. You take the data for others to use, and it also promotes the progress of society and the country. This is what “Science Knows No Borders” means.

12. (Tao Renshuai) Question: Today I am participating in the activity as a question maker. As a question maker, he not only has to bear the condensed release of difficult problems, but also communicates with external teachers and internal employees. The work is actually quite heavy. As the author of the question, he is not the winner of the announcement, so no flowers were given for the conference. In my opinion, some incentives should also be given to the questioner.

Mr. Ren : The bouquet of flowers in front of me is for you now. It’s really hard for someone to come up with a question. One day you can’t come up with a question and your talent is exhausted. At that time, I really want to send you flowers to encourage you.

The growth path of our scientists: one is to go up vertically, to climb the “Himalayas” for scientific ideals, the salary is a little less, but the income must still be decent; the other is to take part in “killing pigs” with a “scalpel” Use the skills you have learned to help us discover existing problems, solve problems, generate commercial value, and maybe make more money based on value evaluation. If you think you are getting less money, take your theoretical knowledge to participate in the battle of “killing pigs”. The amount of income is related to the value generated by “killing pigs”. After “killing the pig”, can I choose “climbing the mountain” again? Yes, this is the almighty scientist.

13. (Zhang Ziyang) Question: After communicating with colleagues in the product line, I found that through business modeling and calculation simulation, problems can be found and improved, so that our products can achieve extremely high quality, minimalist architecture, and can use some less advanced Craft up to some advanced systems. May I ask Mr. Ren, what guidance does the cutting-edge research on system simulation modeling in the computing industry give us?

Mr. Ren : First of all, we would like to thank Zhu Guangping. Zhu Guangping used to be a Fellow of the company and has retired. At that time, he proposed that “we will be the fifth computer in the world”. We all laughed at him and thought it was “nonsense”. How could we possibly rise in computing products? As you are doing, you proposed to be the second in the world. , it seems that you are unwilling to be the second in the world recently?

China’s social system has its unique advantages. China’s high-speed rail, highways, power supply systems, telecommunication systems… The infrastructure has been repaired to uninhabited areas. If there is no state power to do these things regardless of the cost, farmers will not be able to out of poverty. This is the superiority of socialism. China proposes the concept of “counting from east to west”, but the United States cannot do it, because the American economy is privately owned. Why can’t the US power grid keep up with the stability of China’s power grid? The rules of China’s power grid are scientific distribution, both in populated areas and uninhabited areas; while American companies will only deploy in places where they can make money. In particular, my country’s high-voltage direct current transmission leads the world, which requires thousands of equipment supporting research, which cannot be done without the coordination of national plans. The Soviet Union, which started at the same time, did not make it because of the disintegration. There are more than 60 power grids in the United States, and they cannot be coordinated or implemented. Medium voltage DC drive, no transformer, how much space will be saved.

Norway is the richest country in the world. Its per capita GDP reached more than 100,000 US dollars more than 20 years ago. However, the country’s population is too scattered, and no one has built communication infrastructure in the countryside. In some places, there is no TV, and it is difficult to get through the phone. Therefore, the superior mechanism of Chinese socialism will make it possible for China’s computing power to rise .

Of course, we can’t be number one yet. The United States is still strong, because advanced chip manufacturing is still difficult in China. We use other methods to make up for our backwardness in chips. Our construction of a large-scale cloud-based system simulation laboratory in Shengshi is to build our advanced “digital wind tunnel” to speed up the iterative speed of scientific research through system modeling, analysis, simulation, verification, and optimization. There are many excellent mathematicians and physicists in the local area, and you should make full use of them.

14. (Liu Guangyao) Question: There are different research departments within the company, such as the 2012 laboratory, the product line research department, including various R&D teams directly responsible for the product delivery department. May I ask Mr. Ren, how can we achieve better internal technical cooperation, technical competition, and external technical cooperation?

Mr. Ren : It is too difficult to divide labor scientifically and rationally. Wouldn’t it be a planned economy? If it is scientific and reasonable, there will be no duplication of resources. The market economy allows repeated research and waste, which is to allow everyone to have a competitive relationship. In the research of multiple modules, the small module may eat up the big module in the competition, so we will recognize the leading position of the small module and let him integrate resources. The tenure system for cadres, the rotation system for experts, and the learning platform for everyone to discuss…the “walls” of departments have been gradually dismantled. Now we are open to discuss, speculate in the discussion, learn in the speculative, watching the content of everyone’s discussion is also learning.

15. (Wang Yao) Question: The school’s student evaluation orientation is different from our company’s evaluation orientation. For example, I was doing pure theoretical research in mechanics at school. After a Ph.D. like us came to the company, most of them have an adaptation process. Some people may adapt for a short time, some may adapt for a long time, and some do not adapt. Come and leave.

Ren Zong : We do not participate in the reform of the education system, it is too complicated. I once praised Hengshui High School. If you can’t change the external environment, you can change the way of winning to adapt to the external environment. Hengshui High School has the winning method of Hengshui High School, and Shenzhen Middle School also has the method of Shenzhen Middle School. The mainland cannot be required by the Shenzhen education model. We all agree with various educational models.

Our company has a selection system for employees, not a training system. When students choose whether to come to Huawei, they must consider whether the job is suitable for your hobbies. Don’t come if it’s not suitable, you’re wasting your youth. We cannot design fate for our students. When you enter Huawei, you must consider adaptability. You should not only look at the high salary, but also whether the position offered to you matches your interests and hobbies, and whether you are willing to contribute here. Huawei cannot accommodate people in the world, and it is impossible for people in the world to adapt.

The company has only one general ideal, and employees cannot ask the company to realize your ideal. You must adapt to this general ideal, participate in the main force and play your role. Our main channel will not change. Your cooperation with universities will be wider, narrower when it comes to the 2012 laboratory, and narrower when it comes to product research and development. There must be long-term and clear indicators.

16. (Jiao Xianlong) Question: Computers are developing very rapidly now, and there is a new concept every two or three years. We studied this direction a month ago, and a new direction may emerge two or three months later, and our research will become outdated. May I ask Mr. Ren, how can we keep up with the trend of the times? Second, does Mr. Ren have any good suggestions for cultivating talents and guiding students in colleges and universities?

Mr. Ren : The iterative speed of computers is much faster than that of communication. It is not every two or three years, but two or three months. You have to feel the speed of the world’s changes. If you can’t visit foreign websites, you can experience it on the “Huang Danian Chasiwu” technology website. Our employees read papers outside, and they post the content they think is useful; if copyright issues are involved, the index will be taken down, and you can find a way to read it yourself. The speed of world change will be faster and faster, and the future world will be terrifying. Yuval Harari said at the Davos Forum that in the future people will be slaves to machines. The conference asked me questions, and I couldn’t answer them. I was relatively ignorant about social issues, so I said that when a person dies, the soul disappears. What I talked about was the simulation of the soul. The actual digital soul will never be absent, it is inherited, and AI is subverting our past cognition . Therefore, the changes in human society are unimaginable. If you want to perceive this change, you must read more literature.

I often say to our senior experts, can we do less work and read more literature? If you don’t even know the direction, how can you walk the right way? After you read the literature and say a few words while drinking coffee, you may be inspired the people below. When I was young, 69-year-old American George Heilmeyer invented liquid crystals, and people described the future as a wall full of images. We hadn’t even seen a TV at that time, so how could we understand the future? Think about how powerful this scientific prediction is! Now even the LCD wall has declined.