Remembering You Deeply – A Veteran’s Poetic Hospitalization Experience

remember you deeply

     - Retired veterans

This time in the hospital, I met you again,

Feel your warmth and beauty every day!

Despite your cloud-like hair and butterfly-like fashion,

Wrapped in a pure white robe,

However, you can’t wrap up your spring-like demeanor.

A dose of pressure to send medicine and injection to accompany the inspection,

Once I looked back, heard, asked, consulted, compared, and compared,

They all interpret you silently.

There is a response, you are warm and thoughtful,

Doubt and solution, keep improving is you,

This is all in my heart,

Accompany me back.

Ah! you care deeply about me,

I deeply remember you!

“Like Bethune, he is extremely responsible for his work, and he is extremely enthusiastic about his patients…” “In the past ten days, what I have seen and heard, I can deeply feel the guidance of the General Hospital and the Central Party Committee on saving the dying and improving services. The effect of implementing ideas in grassroots departments…” Recently, Mr. Zhang, a retired veteran cadre of Fengtai No. 4 Rest Center in Beijing Garrison District, wrote a letter to the Third Department of Health Care of the Second Medical Center of the PLA General Hospital and wrote a poem, thanking and praising the department The medical staff provided meticulous care and care during his stay in hospital.

Mr. Zhang was a lung cancer patient. In mid-to-late September, he came to the third department of health care for post-operative review, physical examination and medical treatment. He reflected in the letter that before admission, Si Quanjin, director of the third health care department, and Zhao Yangong, deputy director, systematically collected and mastered their medical records. After admission, the leaders of the department lead the medical team to follow up the inspection and consultation every day, highlight the key points, do not miss the doubts, grasp the details, and conduct comprehensive diagnosis and treatment. During the hospitalization, the department leaders visited the ward many times, expressed greetings, showed concern, led doctors to conduct group rounds every day, and insisted on individual rounds, even on weekends.

“I treated onychomycosis and reminded me to give up the shoes and socks I wore in the past; I did an abdominal enhancement MRI, and reminded me to drink more water, detoxify the needles, etc. The voices gave me a warm feeling, like my own daughter.” Talking about Duan Yuanyuan, the doctor in charge, Mr. Zhang felt very friendly, attentive, patient and meticulous, rigorous and dedicated, and his medical style was excellent. As Mr. Zhang’s attending doctor, Geng Yan works conscientiously and does her best in everything. She always writes sunshine on her face, holds warmth in her hands, is modest and enthusiastic, and responds to every call. Dr. Yang Na carefully explained the precautions for diagnosis and treatment, like an old friend she has known for many years, and always maintains her enthusiasm for work and satisfactory service quality.

In his letter, Mr. Zhang also praised the nursing team. The head nurses Hu Pei, Lu Yue and Luo Min are of good quality, high standards and strict requirements. Facing the numerous and complicated tasks at the nurse station, they are well organized. No matter how busy you are every day or how late you get off work, you have to chat with hospitalized patients. They took the nurses to round the room, and they were busy upstairs and downstairs, like a flock of swallows flying around in spring, tirelessly.

The responsible nurses Ge Jie, Liu Xin, Wu Jingbo and Xue Haoqi are attentive and dedicated. Night shift nurses Wang Xinyu and Tang Yulian are serious, responsible and considerate. When preparing patients for gastroenteroscopy, they not only explain clearly and deliver medicines on time, but also keep an eye on the night before and the night after, for fear of making mistakes. Nurses Zhang Ziran and Wang Xinyu are skilled in business and operate neatly, drawing blood for patients with acupuncture. The movements are gentle and accurate, needle insertion is fast and painless. Xu Qingqing, Fan Wenqian, Li Pengfei, Wu Qian, etc. will inform patients in advance of the items inspected in the outpatient clinic, and the docking is careful. No matter the length of the inspection, they are always in place, pay attention to the whole process of testing, and ensure the safety of patients going back and forth. Nurse He Lixia, who handled the admission procedures, was skilled in business, simplified complexities and spoke kindly.

“The people and things mentioned above are just a few. I sincerely feel that this is a ‘home’ for retired old comrades to keep fit and prolong their life!” Mr. Zhang said in the letter. The inpatient review, physical examination, and medical treatment also involved various departments in the outpatient department of the center, as well as the army casualty management department, radiological diagnosis department, anesthesiology department, dermatology department, stomatology department, nutrition department, stationed gastroenterology department, otolaryngology head and neck surgery department He was deeply impressed by the meticulous diagnosis and treatment and thoughtful and meticulous service of the medical staff in the department. (Text: Zhang Xiaoning Photo: Zhou Mingzheng)

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