Remedy Updates 5 In Development Game Intelligence “Control” Co-op gameplay is fun

Remedy Updates 5 In Development Game Intelligence “Control” Co-op gameplay is fun

In the earnings report released today, Remedy CEO Tero Virtala updated the latest information on the five game projects the Finnish studio is developing:

Alan Wake 2: Currently in full production, still on schedule for a 2023 launch

Max Payne 1 & 2 Remake: Currently being developed by a small core team in-house

Vanguard, the first multiplayer co-op instant service game: has been delayed as Remedy wants to develop “stand out” content, development team will expand in 2023

Two Control games: Codenamed Condor and Heron

Code-named Condor, Control is a multiplayer game that’s in the prototyping stages, but it’s already fun to play.

“Our development team found clever ways to take advantage of the world of Control, and designs that ensured a co-op experience for players in the world of Condor. These designs are being prototyped, and gameplay at this early stage already feels interesting. We’re working on Give the team time to work on the many important game design elements and finalize key pillars before the project moves to the next stage of development.”

The Control game, codenamed Heron, is in the concept stage, and the team is gradually expanding, with the goal of keeping things modest for now so developers can easily prototype.

As for release dates, the Finnish company plans to release at least one new game every year from 2023 to 2025.