Regardless of the image, the middle finger is raised in anger! How much hatred between Owen and the Green Army?

  The Nets, who were beaten by Tatum, had a closed door, but even more unhappy seemed to be Irving who returned to the TD Garden Arena, where he seemed to have become a street rat, and everyone was shouting and beating.

  We don’t know what ugly things the fans of the Green Army said to Owen, so that Owen could not pay attention to his image or the fine of 50,000 US dollars, and directly raised his middle finger to the fans under the live broadcast of the United States.

  Under the boos of the Green Army fans, the former fan favorite became an outcast, and Owen seemed to be full of anger, and started crying on the sidelines, which means-you losers Lu She, Can’t you just be so incompetent?

  Owen, who scored 39 points to dominate the arena, was about to use a victory to make the fans speechless, but because of Tatum’s final lore, the drama of the loss turned into the Nets, and the joker was actually Owen himself.

  At the moment when he left the field and walked back to the locker room, the pressure of losing and booing made Owen unable to resist swearing. To the fans who were spouting trash talk, he said: suck my di**, bit**!

  There is no doubt that the quarrel between Owen and the Green Army is just the beginning, and Owen is bound to encounter more violent boos and attacks in G2. But in fact, if you think about it, it seems to be reasonable. After all, their cooperation back then just broke up unhappily.

  In the summer of 2017, the Celtics did not hesitate to risk public outrage by sending team leader Thomas Jr. just to win Irving. Although the fans at the time were reluctant to watch Thomas leave, they were understandable at the thought of welcoming Irving. The arrival of Irving also created added value, allowing the Celtics to successfully recruit Hayward and rekindling hopes for a championship.

  But it backfired as Irving’s honeymoon period with the Celtics seemed to last that season, followed by a period of constant turmoil.

  The Celtics did not become a super team that dominated the league around Owen’s leadership, as the fans imagined. Instead, the originally monolithic Green Army began to have cracks from within, and infighting continued.

  Irving believes that the professionalism of young players cannot keep up with his requirements. When he calls on young players to practice together, they are more willing to go clubbing and have fun instead of focusing on the training hall. Irving is very dissatisfied with this. He believes that a championship team needs to restrain itself with stricter requirements. This is precisely the team creed of the Green Army that has always been open to the public.

  At that time, the coach Stevens did not properly handle the matter. He did not let the young players follow Irving’s advice, but let them make their own choices. After all, his philosophy still revolves around young people. Build a team.

  Irving didn’t understand that, and he began to think: Stevens simply doesn’t know how to coach a superstar like him.

  What happened on the court also made the rift between Irving and the Celtics continue to expand. Stevens did not completely develop tactics around himself, which made him dissatisfied. The lore ball was in the hands of Tatum instead of himself. puzzled.

  Various contradictions make Irving no longer feel that Boston is the place where he should continue to play. He and the team have a showdown. One of the two sides must make compromises, but from the situation, we all know which side is tougher.

  Therefore, Irving originally swore in the offseason of his contract year that he would definitely renew his contract with the team, but after experiencing various disappointments, Irving has already revised his answer in his heart, and he turned to the one who can understand himself. Durant, and build a new hill in Brooklyn together.

  Not staying with the team to renew the contract caused Boston fans to start labeling Irving a traitor and burning his jersey on the street. The Celtics legend Perkins also publicly stated that Irving was not worthy of being a Celtic at all.

  Whenever Irving returned to the home court of the Greens, he was not greeted with applause, replaced by trash talk and boos. Fans began to mock Irving with all kinds of trash talk, saying he was inferior to Kemba Walker, and wrote on his poster. coward. . . . . .

  And where can Irving stand this kind of anger, he deliberately stepped on the team badge of the team he once played for, which also made the Green Army fans and Irving completely break.

  Although Irving tried to put this grievance down, before the playoffs started, he said: “I hope everyone will put this past down and pay more attention to my wonderful performance in the game”, but the fans of the Green Army did not seem to forgive Owen at all. , and Owen, who was scolded and booed, seemed to have forgotten peace and love in the end. . . . . .

  Obviously, the farce between Irving and the Celtics will not stop easily, and the two sides will definitely make moves with each other. For neutral fans, this may be a sufficiently exciting basketball drama, right?


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