Refueling APP which is better?

At present, there are refueling software, refueling apps, Tuanyou APP, Easy refueling APP, Ping Anhao car owner APP, and Che-to-refueling APP . Which refueling app is better, each has its own characteristics and advantages, and the discount of each refueling APP is actually There is not much difference, oil is regulated after all, it is good to make some profit on oil, and the profit is even more extravagant, so all our car owners can enjoy some fuel discounts and No APP is cheaper to refuel. At present, we mainly introduce some of the more popular refueling discount APPs as follows:

1. Tuanyou APP

The Tuanyou APP was developed by the Energy Chain Group and has a close cooperative relationship with many gas stations such as Shell, China Aviation Oil, and CNOOC. The main preferential methods are to reduce the price of each liter of gas, or to regularly give car owners gas discount coupons. For car owners, there are indeed some benefits.

2. Easy Fuel APP

The refueling discount methods of the Easy Fuel APP are mainly payment discounts, more favorable refueling on Wednesday and Saturday, and subsidies for cooperative gas stations. For car owners who often need to refuel their vehicles, the discounts are relatively good.

3. Ping An Good Car Owner APP

It is this refueling discount APP promoted by Ping An Insurance Company. The affordable way is to provide car owners with a Ping An refueling card. As long as the monthly refueling consumption reaches 388 yuan in two transactions, they can enjoy a 88% discount on refueling in the next month. Said the discount is quite large.

4. Car-to-fuel APP

Its services include gas station inquiry, one-click refueling, etc. You can check which gas stations nearby can enjoy refueling discounts with one click. The affordable method is mainly recharge and cash back, which is more suitable for car owners who need frequent refueling.