Redmi Note12 Pro, Pro+ comparison: the difference is 200 yuan, who do you choose between the two models?

The Redmi Note 12 series mobile phones have finally been released. This time, Redmi has brought four models: Discovery Edition, Pro+, Pro and Standard Edition. I wonder which one you are more interested in? The Discovery Edition features 210W fast charging, but the battery capacity is also reduced, while the standard version is a bit entry-level and uses the Snapdragon 4-series chip. In contrast, maybe Redmi Note12 Pro+ and Redmi Note12 Pro are more interesting. These two products have a price difference of 200 yuan with the same configuration, so who would you choose? Come check it out today.

Let’s talk about the hardware configuration first. This time, the Redmi Note12 Pro series all use the Dimensity 1080 chip. The performance of this chip is good. The AnTuTu running score is around 510,000. According to the AnTuTu ranking, the running score should have the opportunity to enter the mid-range model. The top ten, this performance means that as long as you don’t play Genshin Impact, it’s enough. In terms of screen, this time, a flexible straight screen solution is introduced, that is, a flexible screen with better display effect is used to make a straight screen, and the screen is from Huaxing Optoelectronics, Visionox or Tianma, 120Hz high refresh rate, 1920Hz high frequency PWM dimming .

So in general, these two models have some key indicators in common. In terms of price, the two configurations of 8GB+256GB and 12GB+256GB are also available on both models. The price of Redmi Note12 Pro is 1899 yuan and 2099 yuan. If it is replaced by Pro+, it will be 200 yuan more expensive. .

This 200 yuan brings a lot of specification upgrades. On the rear camera, it has changed from IMX766 to Samsung HPX, and Redmi Note12 Pro+ has collected the two major “world premieres” of mobile phones. However, on the imaging brain and film camera, at least the functional design is covered. Compared with taking pictures, the most intuitive thing should be the difference in charging specifications, one is 67W, the other is 120W, and the battery capacity is 5000mAh. So, are you willing to add this 200 yuan?

In addition, in some details, the two phones are also slightly different. If you look closely, you will find that the Redmi Note 12 Pro is a pure candy bar phone, with very flat front and back, called “trend small vertical edge”. The back of the Redmi Note 12 Pro+ adopts a micro-curved design, which theoretically will give a better grip. As for which phone looks good in color, I won’t discuss it in detail here. After all, aesthetics are a matter of opinion, and both phones have their own main color or customized appearance.

In other respects, these two mobile phones also continue the characteristics of Redmi, including product selling points such as X-axis linear motor, infrared remote control, stereo dual speakers, and multi-functional NFC. It has to be said that in these aspects, Redmi will definitely not be absent.

In a comprehensive comparison, in fact, in addition to the intuitive specification differences, the Redmi Note12 Pro+ also has some hidden value-added, the most intuitive should be fast charging, 120W can be fully charged in 19 minutes, and the gallium nitride charger is included. Buying this charger alone will cost a lot of money, and rounding up the other specifications is a free gift. Although this is just a joke, if you have enough budget, will you choose to save 200 yuan or do it all in one step? This may be the key to choosing who.