“Red Eagle” aerobatic team arrives in Zhuhai

Text and photos/Yangcheng Evening News all-media reporter Qian Yu, correspondent Wang Jifei

The 14th China International Aviation and Aerospace Expo will be held at Zhuhai Airport from November 8 to November 13. At 4:15 p.m. on October 28, with the smooth landing of the first Teach-10 trainer aircraft of the “Red Eagle” aerobatic team of the Air Force Aviation University, the flight support work of the 14th Air Show of Zhuhai Air Traffic Control Station officially kicked off. prelude. The mission includes a total of 12 sorties in two days to adjust the aircraft, and the “Red Eagle” has also become the vanguard of the aircraft adjustment mission of the aerobatic team at this air show.

On the morning of the 29th, 10 Jiao-8s of the “Red Eagle” performance team took off from the front airport as planned. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the aircraft transfer support task, the Zhuhai Air Traffic Control Station Control and Operation Department organized various operation departments to conduct consultations in advance, and formulated a detailed support plan.

At 11:05 on the 29th, all the “Red Eagle” Shijiao-8 trainer planes landed smoothly, and the “Red Eagle” performance team completed two batches of 12 aircraft transfer tasks successfully.

 Zhuhai air traffic control station staff at work

The relevant person in charge of the Zhuhai Air Traffic Control Station said that the preparations for the air show support of the Zhuhai Air Traffic Control Station are being carried out in an orderly manner. During his work, he contributed to the successful holding of the 14th Aerospace Expo.

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