Recognize a stroke one second earlier, save the brain and recover! “Lianzhou launched “World Stroke Day” publicity and free clinic activities

October 29 this year is the 17th “World Stroke Day”. In order to effectively raise the awareness of the majority of residents on the importance of stroke prevention and control, and let everyone know about stroke, prevent stroke, and stay away from stroke, on the morning of October 28, Lianzhou people The hospital organized the “World Stroke Day” publicity and free clinic activities with the theme of “Recognize stroke one second earlier, save the brain and recover well”.

At the event site, medical staff distributed the “Stroke Prevention and Treatment Popularization Manual”, “Stroke Patient Education Manual” and environmental bags printed with stroke slogans to the masses and patients in the ward, explaining strokes to the public in easy-to-understand language. Health knowledge such as the cause, clinical manifestations, prevention and treatment methods, etc., measure blood pressure for citizens, answer their questions, and give professional prevention and rehabilitation suggestions.

Luo Qiaojuan, Head Nurse, Department of Neurology, Lianzhou People’s Hospital

Auntie should pay attention to identifying what is called a stroke at home or family members, which is a phenomenon of stroke. The first is to see if the mouth is symmetrical and whether there is a skewed corner of the mouth; the second is to see if the two hands are held straight like this. There is no unevenness, side limbs or sudden lack of strength; in addition, if you suddenly can’t speak or articulate words clearly when listening to his speech, if these situations occur, you should call 120 and send them to the hospital as soon as possible, or the family members will send them to the hospital for treatment. Timely processing, our golden processing time is within 6 hours.

It is understood that stroke, commonly known as “stroke”, is an acute cerebrovascular disease. It is a disease of brain tissue caused by sudden rupture of blood vessels in the brain or the inability of blood to flow into the brain due to vascular obstruction. It has high incidence and recurrence. The “five highs” of high rate, high disability rate, high mortality rate and high economic burden are one of the main chronic non-communicable diseases that threaten the health of our country.