Really contemporary “Oriental Hepburn”! Yuan Quan walks the red carpet in jumpsuits without revealing his skin, but his dress is conservative but well received

Many women feel that jumpsuits are procrastinating, they feel that they are troublesome to put on and take off, and it is even more difficult to go to the toilet. However, in the modern trend, the role of jumpsuits is really getting higher and higher. The simple and neat style is really very capable when worn on temperamental women, and the most important thing is to save you the trouble of dressing and matching.

Yuan Quan, a woman with a deep memory, may be in terms of appearance. My sister is not as beautiful as a line, and the same is true of clothes and outfits. All women of the same age appear sexy and stunning, but Yuan Quan is an oriental woman. Traditional dress, conservative dressing, elegant and unique, can be called a clear stream in the entertainment industry, and every time it steals the spotlight.

Dressing Tips: Jumpsuits

Pros: Simple and neat

Many elderly women do not like to be too flamboyant in the choice of clothing, especially those who take the temperament route, usually prefer to choose relatively simple clothing, which is also time-saving and labor-saving in matching. For example, jumpsuits are very good. Although the style is limited by the influence of style, it must be admitted that in the modern fashion circle, the upper body rate of jumpsuits is really high.

To attend the event this time, Yuan Quan still chose his familiar style, without revealing the skin, dressed in jumpsuits, wearing this goddess, that kind of aura is windy when walking, very good-looking, and at the same time there is no sense of procrastination .

Dressing Tips: Silk Material

Advantages: comfortable and soft, no pressure

The traditional jumpsuit gives people the feeling that it is too old-fashioned, and the stiff design makes women too workplace-like, especially the material, which is used to wear close to the body. The comfort is not very high, but the silk is used as the texture of the jumpsuit The trousers have a soft feel, even if they are worn close to the body, they can bring a very good level of comfort, and they swing with the wind, which is very beautiful.

The jumpsuit that Yuan Quan chose this time is just like that. The light texture is worn on this tall woman, and the style is so different. It is too enviable. It is especially eye-catching and eye-catching on the red carpet.

Tips for dressing: dark colors are the mainstay

Advantages: high-level atmosphere, avoid gaudy

When choosing jumpsuits, women must control the color in place, and there must be no pictures with too bright colors. On the one hand, it is easy to expose the real state of the driver, and secondly, the fancy fashion elements cannot bring excellent fashion. On the contrary, it will reduce the degree of beauty, and secondly, the basic color is not without charm, and it can still be worn with temperament.

It’s true that Yuan Quan’s jumpsuit is not that kind of eye-catching style. The navy blue fashion element may be a bit mature and monotonous, but it fits her temperament and style very well.

Tips for dressing up: Knife cut bangs for children’s hair

A bit: Contemporary “Oriental Hepburn”, stunningly beautiful

To attend large-scale events, how can you not have makeup and hair to set off? In women’s clothing, makeup and hair are really indispensable. Although the style cannot be changed, it can be the finishing touch as a whole, making the driver more attractive. Temperament and charm. After all, there are too many makeup and hair options to choose from, and a little change can show a different sense of sight.

This time Yuan Quan has also changed a lot. Although the knife cut the child’s hair has not changed, it can be found that the makeup looks a lot younger. Don’t look at her sister’s conservative clothes, but she is well received and has a strong aura.

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