Read this article, “Little Jin Flicker”, activate your body awareness

Thousands of purples and thousands of reds, a hundred flowers bloom. This person attacked Xingyi, God Gathering Spirit Platform, subconsciously aiming at the center line, violently rising at any time, and stopped suddenly. That person cultivates Tai Chi, all dharmas return to perfection, and naturally settles in Dantian, sacrifices himself and obeys others, and stretches with the song. Those who practice Baguazhang step on the cloth gang, and there are dots everywhere. Those who play with poking feet will urge the roots to break the roots, and the soles of their feet will be like a gust of wind.

Flowers bloom and fall, all phases are not phase. Tall, but prefers compact, dynamic and delicate, looking forward to agile, interspersed with slashes. He is short in stature, but he loves to open up and close, and he is brave, like a giant eagle rushing to a sheep. He looks quite restrained, but he loves to exert his strength, his muscles and bones humming, as if a different person. He looks very lively, but he likes to practice slow exercises and strike steadily, just like an old monk who has entered the meditation.

A touch of spiritual energy penetrated into Cloud Gate. The knee is unstable, and the leg will sway. Keep your knees stable, and drop your hips under your own weight. There are many changes in the hands, because of the strength of the shoulders. Practicing the spiral, when the deltoid muscle is twisted, the arm pops out, and it is still spinning. Walking sticky, the arm is loose, the blade is released, the bottom of the elbow is sunk, and the arm is hung on the torso. Practice opening and closing, the cloud gate is propped up, the blade seam is pushed, and the tension runs through the muscles and bones.

Looking up at the sky, there is no cloud. Some students have slow comprehension. When Master sees it, he will teach more basic skills and practice them repeatedly. The things that such people have practiced are solid. Some students have clever brains, and when the master takes a look, he gives him some inspirational energy and helps him establish a system. Master is not around, you must learn to self-study, know your own strengths, and learn from each other’s strengths.

One life two, two beget three. As soon as the dantian is hanged, the ribs are opened. As soon as the back is extended, the elbows are supported. The scapula rotates suddenly, the humerus like a wheel. The waist strength suddenly twisted, and the soles of the feet turned to exert force. Hold a pile of strength, the outer ring supports, the inner ring falls, and the two ends are pulled towards each other. Make a routine, there are waves on the outside and twists and turns on the inside.

Searching for tendons is like twitching threads, and transporting energy is like twisting threads. When boxing, calm your mind, don’t start your hands blindly, keep quiet as the backing, and look inside yourself. When the mind is pure, the nerves are sensitive, and the training of small muscle groups starts. As soon as the dantian moved, the armpits, groin, and inner tendons of the legs were immediately affected. Between the gaps and the gaps, the small energy is looming, and a sense of agility is cultivated, and the listening energy is improved.

Six eyes, eight ears. Train the whole body to be small. For example, if you hold a pile, you will not move anywhere, and the blades should be gently drawn in circles. The movement does not need to be too large, and the flexibility of the back is cultivated. The blades drive the shoulders, and the bottom of the elbow also draws a small circle. Ribs fluctuated, spine surging. And so on, in turn, micro-motion conduction, activate neurons, and cultivate smart consciousness.

One candle, three figures. When standing on the pile, the whole body suddenly flickered, and the pores instantly stood up. The joints of the whole body open, then loosen, open and loose, with small bounces and small flashes, small circles in the orifices, and quick change of strength. It is very inspiring to practice the dynamic small flash, to switch between virtual and real, fine-tune the balance, switch between rigidity and softness, and invisible unloading.

Small karma, big karma. If you want to go left first, walk in a small circle in the opposite direction, flicker a little, and bring out a big circle. Why so? Training the awareness of changing circles, small circles flicker, and big circles are unexpected, unpredictable and unpredictable. This is like a big action, before it takes shape, there will be a small pre-movement. In modern sports, there will be pre-movement training, which also belongs to this concept, and the effect is good.