Rare cross-border cooperation! Vans x Timberland for the first time!

As a major joint name in the sneaker circle, Vans has continuously cooperated with major fashion brands and sports brands, and has been active in the field of sneaker players.

However, most of them are playing with color matching and changing materials, and there seems to be no more design space.

Recently, Vans teamed up with Timberland to bring this pair of new shoes that will definitely make your eyes shine.

The two sides are based on the classic 6-inch rhubarb boots . The color matching is not based on the yellow of the classic rhubarb boots. They are dressed in pure black, which has a visual effect of black warriors.

The most unique part is the wrapping around the shoe body. Isn’t this the midsole of Vans? !

The side of the shoe is decorated with a checkerboard pattern of the same tone, which will appear glossy in certain light, and the outline of the white stitching on the shoe body adds a touch of delicate detail to this pair of work shoes.

The shoe body has been tied with flat shoelaces, which are consistent with Vans shoes, and the way to show the joint identity is special enough.

Timberland’s classic round shoelaces hang from the lace holes, providing players with different wearing options.

Black and white checkerboard pattern shoe handles are added, making it easier to put on and take off.

The heel is embellished with the classic Vans label and paired with a raw rubber outsole to create an authentic retro street style.

At present, there is no release information for the new Vans x Timberland joint series. We will continue to pay attention to the details and bring the latest reports as soon as possible.

Pic via: le.syndrome