Ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the peak competition of the North American Dominance List, writing the story of S29, and scoring at the beginning of the season

Ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the peak competition of the North American Dominance List, writing the story of S29, and scoring at the beginning of the season

The King of Glory S29 season has been open for more than a month. Compared with the previous season, the changes in this season are relatively large, such as the adjustment of equipment, the change of the economic mechanism in the canyon, or the launch of new heroes, all of which have changed the whole game. Rhythm. The competition in the peak competition has always been very fierce. Many technical anchors hope to prove themselves by showing results in the peak competition. Recently, Beimu has suddenly made an effort. One person occupies the top three in the peak ranking and wrote the story of S29.

Beimu has always been an anchor known for his skills. From the beginning, he played Luna, which is also the ceiling of Luna in the passerby game. Later, Beimu formed a dream team to play games. In many cases, global BP was used. Beimu’s hero pool became deeper and deeper, and the heroes such as Jing, Lan, and Tiger were also very strong. The Dream Team led by Beimu once defeated the KPL team and was very strong, and Beimu was also the thigh of that team.

Now that the Dream Team hasn’t played together for a while, Beimu’s focus is all on the peak game. The first, second, and third places in the peak competition also proved his strength. Beimu’s most commonly used heroes are Luna and Jing. These two heroes are very manipulative, and Beimu’s operations are indeed full. In fact, Beimu has always been a big player in the peak competition, but it has never been as brilliant as the first, second and third place on the list before, and this season can be regarded as a breakthrough. When I look back on it in the future, Beimu can also recall the story of S29 like Han Han.

Beimu has also won the first place in the peak competition before, but many people say that Beimu always exerts its strength at the end of the season, questioning the gold content of Beimu. Now it seems that Beimu can still score points at the beginning of the season, but it may have just fluctuated before. As a technical anchor, it is impossible to always be in the top position. Everyone will fluctuate, even professional players, not to mention anchors, so let’s take Beimu’s end of the season as an example, in fact Nor is it convincing.

Beimu’s popularity is still quite high now, and this time the top three in the peak competition may also bring his popularity to a higher level. Although the appearance is not handsome, Beimu’s voice is still good, coupled with excellent technology, there must be many audiences who like him. Nowadays, the competitive pressure in the live broadcast industry is increasing, and Beimu is also working hard to improve its technology. If nothing else, the top three players who have dominated the peak competition are Han Han, Sack, Xia Tong, and Bei Mu.

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