Ragnarok will be the best game Santa Monica has ever made on PS4

When Ragnarok was first announced, Sony marked the game as a PS5 game, and it has since become a cross-platform game for PS4 and PS5 along with other games including Horizon West. For Santa Monica Studios, though, Ragnarok aims to be the best game they’ve ever made on PS4.

Santa Monica Studios Ragnarok animation director Bruno Velazquez said the game will be Santa Monica Studios’ best previous-gen game, or at least that’s what the development team is working towards. From the beginning, the development team knew Ragnarok would be a PS4 game because they wanted to support more PS4 fans. The development team will make the game as high as they can on PS4. For the PS5 version, the skills and features brought by the new console are just icing on the cake.

Although the PS4 has become a thing of the past, it seems that the Santa Monica studio is still making “God of Gods Ragnarok” as a PS4 game. Good choice. I hope Grandpa Kui’s Nordic trip will be more exciting.