Qixi Festival·Health|Setting and breaking limits

It makes sense for doctors to put limits on you for your safety. But on the road to recovery, it is not enough to dare to break the “limit”.

My friend says my hearing is much better.

I didn’t think I had a problem with my ears, but I answered my daughter’s phone in the subway once, and she was talking so fast that I couldn’t hear it clearly. She said, “Mom, your ears don’t work anymore, go see a doctor!” Because she was going abroad again, she immediately gave me an ENT specialist number that I didn’t have the ability to hang up. Who knows, as soon as I went to the hospital for a hearing test, my hearing loss was 50%. The doctor asked my daughter and knew that I had undergone phototherapy due to illness. I asked the doctor can it be cured? The doctor said that taking medicine is useless, only hearing aids.

So I used this hearing test in the evaluation of the disabled person’s certificate, and successfully obtained the certificate of the fourth-level hearing disability, participated in the street disabled association, and bought a hearing aid. Hearing aids are great, the sound is amplified, but the noise is not much increased.

I usually wear this hearing aid when I’m doing errands because I’m afraid of slow response. I always feel inconvenient, can I listen without wearing it? But I was told: long-term inability to hear, will affect the cranial nerves, easy to dementia. I was terrified and bought a tiny battery for long-term use.

The ears are also really weak. I’m a little frustrated: old, old, useless.

One day, I had an epiphany: since the hearing loss in the ear was caused by light therapy, it has been 37 or 8 years since I was 41 years old. How did I come here during these 37 or 8 years? ? I didn’t notice any problems with my ears. I lived like those years, how? So, I decided not to wear hearing aids and tried to use the only hearing I had.

Naked ears for a while, I react quickly. I feel like my ears are still useful, not so useless. Hearing aids are not always around. My friend praised me: Aren’t your ears pretty good?

The same goes for crutches. My knee joints were inflamed, and I had difficulty walking at one point. After a few days in a wheelchair, I bought a cane. After I was able to walk, I threw away my crutches and walked with the strength of my leg muscles, and I actually walked over.

The limits set by doctors and relatives and friends on your movements are justified, and for safety reasons, limits should be set.

When you are not confident enough, you must stay within the “limits” and do not go overboard, but once you are on the road to recovery, you have never dared to break the “limits”. Your abilities will atrophy.

Limitation is nothing more than fear of failure. If you can’t hear clearly, you’re a little nervous when you walk, it’s right to be cautious, but you’ve never dared to try, your ability is within the “limit”, how to recover, how to recover?

How about trying to break the limit? Make small but daily progress. Make use of your original abilities.

As we get older, there are more and more visible and invisible “limits”. Circle after circle, tying yourself to death, you will become more and more weak and incompetent.

When you are old, you must have a little courage and be cautious about breaking the limit. Isn’t that what many of our brothers and sisters are like? (Shen Quanmei)