Qingyun Technology’s 2022 Third Quarterly Report: Gross Profit Margin Increases Significantly

  China Securities News (Wang Luo) On the evening of October 28, Qingyun Technology released its third quarterly report for 2022. In the first three quarters, the company’s gross profit and gross profit margin showed a good trend of continuous increase. The overall gross profit increased by 501.51% year-on-year, and the gross profit margin of the main business was 10.94%, a year-on-year increase of 9.68 percentage points. Among them, the gross profit of cloud products increased by 35.64% year-on-year, and the gross profit margin was 35.08%, a year-on-year increase of 16.86 percentage points; the gross profit margin of cloud services increased by 8.31 percentage points year-on-year.

  In the first three quarters, with the goal of improving profitability, Qingyun Technology strategically adjusted its business structure, concentrated its efforts to increase the scale of high-margin businesses, reduced non-core businesses, reduced costs and increased efficiency, and optimized various costs. Under the pressure of market growth, the Company achieved high gross profit growth, and the gross profit margin continued to increase.

  In terms of revenue, in the first three quarters, the enterprise cloud platform increased by 58.61% year-on-year, strategic software increased by 72.85% year-on-year, and services and others increased by 70.53% year-on-year, showing strong performance.

  Focus on “internal strength” cultivation and constantly temper product, program and service capabilities

  As a technology-leading enterprise-level cloud service provider and digital solution provider, in the first three quarters, in the face of multiple changes in the market environment, customer demand, and technological evolution, Qingyun Technology paid more attention to the cultivation of its own “internal strength”, and constantly tempered its products, Solutions and service capabilities to meet the new needs of enterprise digital in-depth development.

  On the one hand, Qingyun Technology insists on independent research and development and innovation, and the products are constantly innovated and upgraded to provide enterprises with richer and more comprehensive functions. New products include GPU cloud server, cloud native backup disaster recovery SaaS service, lightweight cluster SaaS service, Qingyun cloud on-demand, etc., for enterprise AI applications, deep learning, application data backup in cloud native environment, and quickly build K8s clusters, As well as audio and video on demand and other business development and stable operation to provide support. Upgraded products include Enterprise Cloud Platform v6.0, QKE Container Engine 2.2.0, KubeSphere Container Platform 3.2.0, KSV Container Virtualization 1.5, as well as QingCloud EHPC and QingStor U10000 unstructured data storage, etc., which can help enterprises better cope with Business scale growth, easily and efficiently run K8s containerized applications in the cloud, find an “exclusive” cloud-native transformation path, and meet the necessary high-performance computing requirements for scientific research projects such as life sciences, ocean climate, geographic surveying and mapping, as well as images, audio and video. Lossless management and analysis of unstructured data such as videos and logs.

  On the other hand, Qingyun Technology has penetrated into the financial, education, medical, manufacturing, media, supercomputing and other industry scenarios to create end-to-end solutions to help enterprises accelerate digital transformation, achieve cost reduction, efficiency increase, and business innovation. For example: smart financial solutions can help banks, securities and other enterprises and institutions to implement financial innovation, realize unified and efficient management of IT resources and applications, and drive business innovation; smart education solutions can help colleges and universities build new infrastructure and scientific research innovation Collaborative platform to accelerate cross-college and cross-campus cooperation; smart medical solutions to promote digital transformation of medical institutions, quickly respond to traditional business needs, release the value of medical data, and meet the needs of new scenarios such as Internet + medical care. More feasible solutions such as smart manufacturing, smart media fusion, and campus supercomputing are also playing an active role in various industries.

  Doing “landing” homework to create greater digital value in customer practice

  ”Going to the cloud and empowering intelligence with numbers”, as cloud computing has become a new type of infrastructure for enterprise development, realizing cloudification and accelerating cloud innovation has naturally become the way to survive in the digital age of enterprises. In the first three quarters, Qingyun Technology not only continued to expand the breadth of industry services on the original basis, but also made new breakthroughs in the depth of enterprise services, creating greater digital value for customers.

  Among them, Qingyun Technology joined hands with Agricultural Bank of China to adopt the cloud-edge synergy technology framework to promote the intelligent upgrade of outlets, mine data value, and support business decision-making; help E Fund to build a cloud-native PaaS platform to further improve resource utilization, application development, delivery, and management More efficient; build a computing resource base for the Longnan Public Security Bureau, Public Security Digital Cloud, and build a safe and reliable digital system; support the business of Shaanxi Gas Group and branch units with one cloud to achieve centralized management and rapid deployment; Create review, realize large-scale transformation of information system infrastructure; support State Grid in completing the establishment of smart converter stations, and input digital power for “West-to-East Power Transmission”.

  In addition, with the support of Qingyun Technology, the National Supercomputing Center in Jinan, China Everbright Bank, Minsheng Securities, Sunshine Insurance, Taikang Insurance, Yichang Renfu Pharmaceutical, CICC Data, Bank of China Wealth Management, Zhejiang Daily, Wasu Media, China Mobile Lianhe, Shandong Energy, China Mobile Jinke, Zhongyuan Bank, Qingdao Port, Yichang Renfu Pharmaceutical, Beijing Normal University, China Bond Registration and other enterprises and institutions have successfully achieved the qualitative transformation and upgrading of IT systems and business systems, and improved business efficiency. Go deeper into digital transformation.

  To do the homework of “landing” well, it is also necessary to gather excellent ecological partner capabilities to jointly create an integrated solution. Therefore, in terms of ecological construction, Qingyun Technology always adheres to the principle of neutrality and openness, and shares with many partners to create a win-win situation. In the first three quarters, Qingyun Technology has signed more than 230 partners, more than 400 partners have technical certification, and more than 90 selected applications in the cloud market have been launched. At the same time, Qingyun Technology was also successfully selected as the first batch of member units of the “Trusted Edge Computing Promotion Plan” of the Academy of Information and Communications Technology, and was elected as the deputy director unit of the Photosynthesis Organization. Certification, jointly improve my country’s scientific and technological innovation system, and promote digital technology to bring more far-reaching economic and social benefits.