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2022 Qingyuan City Home Appliances “Old-for-New” Activity

about to start

Sell ​​old home appliances and purchase eight new home appliances

corresponding subsidy

Home appliances “trade-in”

The strategy is in hand, you don’t have to worry about grabbing coupons

rule of activity

1. Activity time

1 November to 30 November 2022

2. Scope of activities

The scope of “trade-in” covers eight categories of household appliances: televisions, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, computers, mobile phones, rice cookers, and water heaters.

During the event, consumers who sell the above-mentioned types of used home appliances to participating home appliance sales companies and purchase any of these new home appliances can receive corresponding subsidies.

Categories other than those listed above and the above-mentioned product accessories do not participate in the subsidy.

3. Activities

(1) Subsidy standard

If the above subsidy conditions are met, the proportion of financial expenditure subsidy is 10% of the sales price of newly purchased home appliances (subject to the tax-included price of the product sales invoice), and the subsidy amount for each home appliance does not exceed 500 yuan.

The seller of the old appliances must be the same as the buyer of the new appliances. Subsidies will be given in accordance with the principle of “total control, first-come-first-served, first-come-first-served basis” .

(2) Subsidy method

The “trade-in” subsidy coupon is a 10% discount coupon, capped at 500 yuan .

Participating home appliance sales companies are responsible for registration, verifying the information materials of used goods for sale by buyers, and issuing subsidy coupons to buyers who meet the subsidy conditions. Buyers can enjoy the subsidy discount when they purchase home appliances with coupons.

Eligible subsidy funds shall be advanced by the sales enterprises in advance, and the Municipal Bureau of Commerce shall settle and liquidate the advanced funds of enterprises according to the procedures.

(3) Rules for using coupons

✦ The subsidy coupons are issued on the two platforms of UnionPay and CCB Life. The CCB Life platform will start issuing coupons from 10:00 on November 1st, and the UnionPay platform will start issuing coupons from 10:00 on November 4th ; The mode of combining coupons with coupons by scanning QR codes at the store , first-come-first-served, while the quota is full.

The subsidy coupons are valid for 3 days, and the expired coupons that have not been written off will be automatically recycled and rolled out. During the event, the same buyer can receive up to two subsidy coupons on a single coupon-issuing platform.

✦ There is no one-to-one correspondence between used home appliances for sale and purchase of new home appliances; the number of new home appliances that enjoy government financial subsidies should be the same as the number of old home appliances for sale, and a single subsidy coupon is limited to a single (set) home appliance.

✦ While receiving the “trade-in” subsidy coupons for home appliances, buyers can enjoy other preferential activities provided by the merchants , but cannot use other consumer coupons issued by the government.

✦ Subsidy vouchers cannot be split, withdrawn, sold, or reused.

Event is about to start

Businesses are now open to register for participation

4. Open call for participating companies

(1) Registration time and method

From now on until the event period, we will continue to accept corporate registrations . You can contact the hosting platform to provide registration materials, and you can participate in the event if you pass the review.

(2) Registration requirements

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1. Home appliance sales enterprises registered in Qingyuan City and meeting the registration requirements can participate in the activities voluntarily.


2. Participating home appliance sales companies should formulate an implementation plan for “trade-in” home appliances, and put forward specific measures to support government subsidies for “making profits and benefiting the people”, forming government “trade-in” subsidies + brand manufacturers (dealers) profit margins + recycling of old machines from enterprises The superposition effect of the deduction increases the profit margin and publicity of the event.


3. Participating home appliance sales companies must meet the following scope requirements:

     First, the sales outlets cover a wide range, and self-operated sales outlets or authorized sales outlets cover the town and street level;

     Second, it has strong warehousing and distribution capabilities, and can provide after-sales services such as delivery, installation, debugging, repair, maintenance, reverse logistics, etc. and ensure service quality;

     The third is standard management and operation, honesty and trustworthiness, excellent service, compliance with relevant national regulations on fire protection, safety, environmental protection, and epidemic prevention, good credit status, and no violations of laws and regulations.


4. Participating home appliance sales companies or their entrusted recycling companies must have corresponding recycling capabilities, formulate home appliance recycling procedures, encourage the formulation of home appliance recycling subsidy policies, and directly subsidize consumers, which shall not be included in the scope of government awards and subsidies.

Participating home appliance sales companies should provide certificates of “trade-in” for home appliances, ensure the implementation of “received” home appliances, and register and verify the “trade-in” information of home appliances as required, including the type, brand, recycling price of old home appliances, and unique codes. The serial number of the old home appliance certificate, the name of the purchaser, the invoice information, and the photo of the old home appliance, etc., fill in the “trade-in” ledger of home appliances, and report it to the contractor platform and the local commercial authority.

5. Participating home appliance sales companies should publicize the “trade-in” home appliance activity through multiple channels and methods, and accurately introduce to consumers the application of the subsidy policy on the products they sell. They must not mislead or deceive consumers, and must not take the opportunity to drive up prices or raise prices in disguised form. , there shall be no compulsory bundling, tying and other acts.


6. Participating home appliance sales companies should sign a letter of commitment, promising the authenticity of the buyer’s certificate information, “trade-in” ledger and other information, and advance subsidy funds to eligible home appliances “trade-in” consumers according to regulations, and do a good job in liquidation , refund the ineligible funds within the specified time. Guarantee the quality of goods and services, do not commit fraud, and do not engage in illegal activities such as manufacturing and selling old products as new ones.


7. Participating home appliance sales companies must submit the corresponding home appliance “trade-in” information ledger, “received” certificate (agreement) and photos of old home appliances (at least 2 photos showing the characteristics of the old home appliances are provided for each piece), the purchaser Copies of signed certificates, copies of sales invoices for new home appliances, sales receipts (signed by the purchaser), vouchers for advance payment of subsidies and performance evaluation of activities and other paper materials in duplicate and electronic materials are used for subsidy declaration and audit work. Materials are to be submitted in three batches in ten-day units, and the deadline for the last batch to be submitted is December 5, 2022. Failure to submit within the time limit will be regarded as a waiver of the subsidy application eligibility. Relevant departments will review the materials in the order in which they are submitted, and allocate subsidies in batches.

(3) Application materials

Submit the following paper materials in duplicate (the copies must be marked as consistent with the originals and stamped with the official seal of the unit) and electronic materials:

1. Application for registration (explain the basic situation of the company, sales data from January to September 2022, self-assessment of compliance with the registration conditions, publicity plan for the “trade-in” activity of home appliances, preferential policies for supporting activities of the enterprise, home appliance recycling process, home appliance “recovery” “Agreement (voucher) template, expected sales results, required financial funds, etc.).

2. Enterprise “Credit Information Report” printed on the “Credit China” website.

3. A copy of the enterprise registration form and a copy of the business license.

4. Have strong warehousing and distribution capabilities to ensure sufficient supply, timely supply and proof materials for distribution to the town and street level of our city.

5. Proof of having a complete after-sales service system for home appliance delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

6. The home appliance sales enterprise shall provide relevant certification materials that it or the entrusted enterprise has a certain recycling capacity.

7. Integrity Commitment Letter of Participating Enterprises in the “Old-for-New” activity of home appliances.

(4) Determine the active enterprise

The hosting platform shall conduct preliminary examinations in batches and then report to the local commerce department for review, confirm the qualified applicants and announce them, and report to the Municipal Bureau of Commerce for filing.

(5) Strengthen the supervision of activities

The territorial commerce department and the hosting platform should strengthen the supervision and inspection of the activities, conduct inspections and unannounced visits to the activity site from time to time, and urge enterprises to implement the activity requirements. Regular operation.

V. Risk Control

(1) Enterprises need to abide by the rules of activities, such as back-end data monitoring, on-site inspections, complaints and reports found suspected of cheating, using improper means (including but not limited to) brushing, cashing out, providing false certificates or invoices, false transactions, etc.) For illegal acts such as illegally extracting subsidy funds, the hosting platform and the territorial commercial authority should immediately intervene in the verification, and take effective measures to prevent the further expansion of risks.

(2) If it is confirmed that there are violations of laws and regulations, the subsidy funds that have been issued will be withdrawn immediately, the qualifications of enterprises and subsidy recipients to participate in follow-up activities will be cancelled, and corresponding responsibilities will be investigated in accordance with relevant laws and regulations; if a crime is suspected, it will be handed over to judicial organs for handling according to law.

6. Other matters

(1) Participating enterprises must distribute publicity materials for the “trade-in” marketing campaign for home appliances as required, and cooperate with providing pictures of the campaign that do not infringe any rights of others. The organizer has the right to use the merchant’s trademark, logo, logo and store pictures for free in its own publicity channels for event promotion.


(2) Participating enterprises or purchasers shall not extract financial funds in any way. Once discovered, the parties shall be held accountable according to law and the corresponding losses shall be recovered. All participating enterprises should strengthen the supervision and inspection of “trade-in” activities, and effectively prevent “scalpers” from brushing orders to obtain subsidy funds.


(3) In order to expand the influence of the “trade-in” activity for household appliances and increase the participation of the public, the participating enterprises should strengthen the promotion of the activity, strengthen the after-sales service, and ensure the effectiveness of the activity.

Attachment: 1. Enterprise registration form

2. Integrity Commitment Letter of Participating Enterprises in the “Old-for-New” Activity of Home Appliances

3. Regulations on the integrity of main parts and components for recycling old home appliances

4. 2022 Qingyuan City Home Appliances “Old-for-New” Information Ledger Table

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