Qian Xiaojia cooks ginger tea for Xiao Zhou’s best friend, and by the way unlocks unpopular new knowledge, the warm man design has been confirmed

In the field of outdoor live broadcast, Qian Xiaojia is a very popular and popular anchor. During the live broadcast, he often leads the audience to see and learn a lot of novel content, from the former luxury car beauty to today’s outdoor There may be some changes in the direction of food, entertainment, and live broadcasts, but what remains the same is its warm and warm design.

This is not just in a recent live broadcast. Qian Xiaojia drank with Xiao Zhou and his girlfriends and broadcast live. As an outdoor anchor, chat is definitely essential. Therefore, in addition to drinking, Qian Xiaojia also drinks with her girlfriends. Chatted.

During the drinking, my girlfriend suddenly asked Qian Xiaojia: Did you know? The aunts of good sisters all come together. Because they often rest together, they are also contagious. Therefore, it is very likely that the aunt of the best friend will come on the same day as Xiao Zhou in the future.

At this time, the filming assistant, who was watching the fun and didn’t think it was a big deal, also said: “Then when will you come to the uncle? Why don’t you adjust it?”

Afterwards, the girlfriend added a sentence, “Come here, auntie, you can cook brown sugar water for us.” After listening to the girlfriend’s words, Qian Xiaojia gave a positive answer without hesitation, and could say several sentences without any problem. , and even ended with an honor.

Although boiling brown sugar water sounds simple and fast, not all men can consciously. There are not many men like Qian Xiaojia who are very caring, and the warm-hearted men are all reflected in the details.

After listening to her best friend’s words, Qian Xiaojia said that she could know the dates of the aunts of the two girls at the same time, and maybe even a pair. And asked him if he was the same, and the girlfriend also hesitated for a while before saying that she might be the same. It always affects girls’ hearts, and I have to say that Qian Xiaojia is indeed a master of flirting girls.

Looking at Qian Xiaojia’s live broadcast, we can find that she is really good at chatting with girls. For some netizens who are socially terrified and have no experience in talking with girls, paying more attention to Qian Xiaojia’s live broadcast may really improve their own. The level of flirting with girls. In the follow-up, Qian Xiaojia will also show more beautiful sisters and teach more chat skills to get along with girls in the live broadcast. Interested netizens can pay more attention.