Q3 global smartphone shipments: Apple’s second, Xiaomi’s third and first is TA

[gearbest News] On October 28, the latest data released by Canalys showed that weak demand in the third quarter of 2022 caused global smartphone shipments to drop by 9% year-on-year to 298 million units. Although Samsung is still No. 1 in the market, it dropped 8%, with shipments of 64.1 million units; Apple was the only manufacturer to achieve growth, up 8% year-on-year, with shipments of 53 million units; Xiaomi only fell 8%, with shipments The volume was 40.1 million units; although OPPO and vivo fell by more than 20%, they still occupied the fourth and fifth place, with shipments of 28.5 million and 27.4 million units respectively.

The performance of the high-end segment was the only bright spot for the quarter, Canalys research analysts said. Driven by the iPhone 13 and the newly launched iPhone 14 series, Apple’s market share reached unprecedented heights in the third quarter. On the Android side, Samsung has launched a new foldable screen model, which, coupled with a substantial marketing campaign, has aroused consumer interest. OPPO and vivo are still significantly affected by the decline in the Chinese market, but both show signs of a small recovery.

Analyst Zhu Jiatao said that entering the fourth quarter, continued global shocks are hindering the performance of manufacturers in the entire ecosystem portfolio. The upstream supply chain entered a long winter earlier than expected, and OEM order targets were slashed. Vendors are entering the fourth quarter with a cautious approach to dealing with ongoing difficulties.