Putuo regains the status of the auxiliary first brother! Wuzhuang Guigu is at the bottom, and the distribution of Shenwu All-Star martial arts

In the 24th All-Star registration stage of “Shenwu 4”, 14 sects are in the top competitions of each level. It can be seen that the number of beasts has surged, and the ghosts and dogs are not playing.

Stage 99: Tiance, Wuzhuang, Guigu 0 registration

The most registered is still Tiangong, a full 75 people signed up, it seems that this year’s All-Star is still dominated by Shuangtiangong. With the popularity of Tiangong, the battle between Putuo and Buddhism in the 99th stage gradually tilted towards Buddhism, with 48 places in Buddhism and 12 places in Putuo.

The worst thing is Tiance Wuzhuang Ghost Valley, there is no one. What surprised me is that there is no one in Tiance. Before 99, I often saw Tiance Demon King or Tiance Dragon Palace with Sanfu, but this time they disappeared. .

Stage 109: There are more beasts than Dragon Palace

The most registered is actually Wan Beast, which I did not expect, the atmosphere of 109 has always been based on multi-output. Dragon Palace has always been favored as the most flexible law system, but this time, it was one place behind and was crushed by the cumbersome beasts and took the second place.

Stage 119: Ten Thousand Beasts and Buddhism tied for first place

119 has always been a more bells and whistles level, and there are more ways to play, but this time there are so many beasts and Buddhists, it seems that many teams want to play a violent plane.

Level 129: Putuo regains the status of the auxiliary first brother

In the ascension stage, the output of the law system tends to be strong, and the addition of Putuo’s spirit and resistance is particularly practical. The pet output is high and does not depend on the blessing of Buddhism. Putuo is more meaningful than Buddhism. On the other hand, 129 Greedy Wolf is too fierce, Putuo Lianxin Liuli can start the game to protect people, and Buddhism’s physical immunity has a cooling.

What I didn’t expect was that the number of participants in Myriad Beasts surpassed Tiangong and Tiance. I never thought that the number of 109, 119, and 1.29 million beasts was the No.1 of the physics school. Compared with the previous version, Myriad Beasts was bleak. , this year’s All-Star card-level Myriad Beasts can be said to be very many.

Level 150: The three giants of the square-inch Putuo devil have nothing to say

The number of the 150-square-inch Putuo Demon King’s three giants is outrageous. The next is Tiangong, Wuming, and Longgong. There are relatively more sects with flexible output. What surprised me is still the beasts, there are 61 people. .

Guigu Wuzhuang is still at the bottom with only 10 places. To be honest, regardless of the card level or 150, Li Wuzhuang Guigu is quite embarrassing. The damage of Guigu’s lightning crossbow can be exploded in one hand, and it is directly cut off.

The output output is not as good as the Demon King, the ban treatment has no speed, and the Qing Chong is not as good as the Dragon Palace in the late stage. Consider a bit of room to play.

The above content is only the number of applicants for the 24th All-Star of “Shenwu 4”. Although it does not explain much of the problem, the distribution of players in each grade and each school can be seen in general.