Putin scolded Pelosi for going to the stage: What does this old grandmother have to do there? By the way, she told a bad joke

On October 27, local time, Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a speech when he attended the annual meeting of the “Valdai” International Debate Club in Moscow. Putin responded to the incident of Pelosi’s passage to Taiwan on the forum, saying that his passage to Taiwan violated common sense and logic, and expressed that he did not understand why the grandmother insisted on dragging herself to Taiwan, thereby angering China.

Putin shared a grim joke about European sanctions against Russia, drawing a burst of laughter from the audience.

A German father and son, the little boy asked his father: “Dad, why are we so cold here”

Father said: ‘Because Russia invaded Ukraine’

Little boy: “What does this have to do with us?”

Father: ‘We’re going to impose sanctions on Russia’

Little boy: “Why?”

Father: “So Russia can be sad.”

Little boy: “Are we Russian?”

Putin also said that Russia does not intend to be the new hegemon of the world, but only defends its right to existence and free development.

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Editor: Zhao Shanshan