Putin released a brilliant trick: Turkish soldiers appeared on the Russian-Ukrainian battlefield to fight for the Russian army

Not long ago, the 6th summit of the Conference on Interaction in Asia and the Conference on Interaction and Confidence in Asia was held in Central Asia. Putin and Erdogan did not meet here. A few days after the meeting, the battlefield in Ukraine appeared. The Turkish mercenaries who fought for the Russian army, these soldiers fought a small video while fighting, and the video also deliberately showed the Turkish flag behind them, for fear that others would not know that they were Turks.

There are all kinds of chaos on the Russian-Ukrainian battlefield. Let’s just say that there is a war. It is no longer Russia and Ukraine. A large number of mercenaries have appeared. The mercenaries of NATO countries are fighting with Russia. From time to time, they also come to such a small video. , and also displayed the national flag of their own country behind them, and some people were recognized. This is the active duty soldier of the NATO country. After changing his identity as a volunteer, he changed his clothes and was said to be a volunteer. Well now, Turkey, which is also a NATO country, began to fight mercenaries from NATO countries. To a certain extent, it was really a kind of infighting. So what kind of tricks did Putin use to make Turkey suddenly With such a hand, Putin wants to change the energy pattern in Europe and sends a big red envelope to Turkey.

Let’s say that now Russia mainly earns income by selling energy, let’s talk about natural gas, about 150 million cubic meters of natural gas is exported to Europe every year, mainly through the friendship pipeline between Nord Stream and Poland and The Ukrainian pipeline, as well as the pipeline in the south through the Black Sea to Turkey, and then turning to Europe, the United States will try its best to destroy the existing European energy structure and prevent Europe from having energy independence, especially Germany. Energy autonomy.

Look at the Beixi natural gas pipe being blown up, no matter who blew it up, objectively it has taken the first step towards destroying Europe’s energy independence. At the same time, this also moved Russia’s money bag, and Russia must adjust its The energy layout, especially the energy layout in Europe, so I discussed with Erdogan and said that I will build a natural gas transfer station in Turkey. In the future, you will be the hub where I will transport natural gas to Europe, and Putin also talks to Egypt. Erdogan said that this hub is not an ordinary transfer station, and it can also participate in pricing. It is a pricing platform. After hearing this, I will understand.

First, for natural gas exported to Europe in the future, Russia will switch to Turkey. Second, the combination of the two holds the pricing power. Turkey can make the difference between the middlemen. Wouldn’t you say this is a great thing. Erdogan, of course, was overjoyed and certainly agreed.

For Russia, it is necessary to set up a transfer station to send it to Europe anyway. Rather than placing it in such dangerous places as Poland and Ukraine, it is better to give it to Turkey. Turkey has always sought to join the European Union, but the European Union is only interested in Turkey. Young labor and the market are interested, and do not want alternative big men to squeeze into the EU, which is essentially exclusion. Whether in terms of religion or ethnicity, Turkey is repelled, so Turkey has nothing to do with the EU’s cold butt that has been hot for 60 years. , What a disgusting look at the EU, just corrupting some scattered silver taels.

But Putin’s move means that part of Europe’s energy lifeline has been assigned to Turkey, which is a long-term meal ticket for Turkey. So Turkey is now sending so-called volunteers to help Russia fight the war, what is it? It is said that Turkey even said that it can sell drones to Russia and train the Russian army to adapt to the NATO combat system, which is a bit big.

But since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has occurred, many things are really hard to say. Now that Putin has made a move, Erdogan has quickly caught it. Then the actual effect will depend on Russia’s performance of the contract. Strength, and what price the United States can offer to hold Turkey, and whether it can beat Putin’s price. Another point, if this thing is really done, it is estimated that the Turkish Stream trachea passing through the Black Sea will be bombed if it is not done.