Pushing members to upgrade quickly, more than 20 airlines have overweight Fliggy Double 11

Beijing News Shell Finance News (Reporter Wang Zhenzhen) On October 28, a Beijing News Shell Finance reporter learned from Fliggy that this year’s Double 11, following the launch of new products by several hotel groups in Fliggy, more than 20 airlines are flying in Fliggy. A quick membership upgrade service has been launched on the platform to add value to this year’s “Carnival Season”.


According to reports, members of the corresponding level of Fliggy can quickly become members of the airline’s gold and silver cards after searching for “Airline Member Challenge” on the Fliggy App to participate in the activity and complete the task.


Membership is an important way for airlines and hotels to provide differentiated service experiences to high-loyalty travelers. Airline gold and silver cards often come with many exclusive membership benefits and high-quality experiences, but it is not easy to get the corresponding membership quickly. Generally speaking, passengers often need to fly dozens of times or accumulate tens of thousands of miles within the specified time. According to Fliggy, more than 20 domestic airlines have cooperated with Fliggy this time, providing a “fast track” for many frequent travelers to upgrade their membership.


Taking China Eastern Airlines and Hainan Airlines as examples, Fliggy F4 members can become China Eastern Airlines “Eastern Miles” Gold Card members when they have taken China Eastern Airlines (including Shanghai Airlines) for 6 times within the validity period, and the validity period is one year; F3 and F4 members who have taken 12 airlines under Hainan Airlines for a total of 12 times within the validity period can become Hainan Airlines’ Fortune Wings Club Gold Card members, which is valid for one year. The activity page on the Fliggy app shows that some airlines can directly give away gold and silver card members. Taking Spring Airlines and Juneyao Airlines as examples, Fliggy F3 and F4 members can directly receive silver and gold members of the corresponding airlines after participating in the event.


On the basis of the rapid upgrade of airline members, Fliggy will also superimpose the platform’s “mileage challenge”. After completing the challenge task, users can get a maximum of over 8,000 miles on the Fliggy platform. Miles can be redeemed for free airport transfers, free use of airport VIP lounges and other benefits.


Xiang Min, head of Fliggy’s air ticket business, said: “With the same flight, users can get the airline’s premium membership faster, and can enjoy the dual rights of the airline and Fliggy at the same time. We hope to improve everyone in this way. consumer experience and travel quality.”


Many airlines have launched membership rapid upgrade services, highlighting their initiative to stimulate passenger demand, improve passenger loyalty and operational efficiency through new marketing methods. Qi Qi, deputy dean of the Civil Aviation Management College of Guangzhou Civil Aviation Vocational and Technical College, said that since the epidemic, the airline company has spare capacity to mobilize the service resources of high-end cards. It is just the momentum of Double 11 that can stimulate potential demand and revitalize the stock part of the market. On the one hand, when everyone has expectations for travel, consumers are also willing to stock up on some equity products first, which is also a good confidence boost for airlines.


In addition, during Double 11, Fliggy members also launched quick upgrade and relegation activities: Fliggy F1 members and F2 members can upgrade to F2 members and F3 members respectively after purchasing 2 items of corresponding event products; Fliggy F3 members, F4 members Members can extend the membership validity period for half a year after purchasing 2 items of corresponding activities.

Edited by Yue Caizhou

Proofreading Zhao Lin