Pure dry goods! Nanny-level skin care + makeup + maintenance tutorial, the beauty skills that novices will know at a glance!

Everyone knows the importance of skin care! For the novice Girl, there is a set of perfect tutorials from skin care, makeup, and maintenance to avoid pitfalls. It can’t be too cool.

1. A small tissue to test your skin type!

Do not wash your face after waking up in the morning

Find a absorbent tissue and cut it into three pieces, wipe the forehead, the sides of the nose and the cheeks respectively

✔️The paper towel becomes a little transparent, indicating that your skin is too oily – oily skin

✔️ Shiny but not much on the tissue – normal skin

✔️Forehead, the sides of the nose are shiny and the cheeks are dry – combination skin

✔️Every one is very dry – dry skin

2. Scientific skin care

Oily & Combination Skin: Moderate cleansing, oil control and moisturizing

Choose skin care products that are refreshing and not stuffy, and choose oil-controlling facial cleansers

●Also pay attention to moisturizing, use more lotion and moisturizing milk to moisturize

●Choose a refreshing and non-greasy product for sun protection

● Exfoliation cycle: once a week

Normal skin: do basic care

●Do a good job of daily cleaning, moisturizing and sun protection

● Exfoliation cycle: once a week

Dry skin: mild and non-irritating

●Can not exfoliate frequently

●The facial cleanser chooses plant-based gentle cleansing

●Apply moisturizing products in time after washing your face

● Exfoliation cycle: once every two weeks

About applying mask ☑️

Cleansing Mask: Once a week

Hydrating mask: 2-3 times a week

Functional mask: once a week

Be sure to lock in moisture after applying the mask. Locks the nutrients in the mask and prevents them from running off

3. Correct skin care and makeup steps

① Correct skin care sequence

Morning skin care: Cleansing → Toner → Eye Cream → Facial Essence → Lotion → Facial Cream → Sunscreen

Evening skin care: Makeup remover→ Cleansing→ Toner→ Eye Cream→ Facial Essence→ Lotion→ Cream

②The order of daily skin care and makeup

Cleansing → Toner → Eye Cream → Facial Essence → Emulsion → Facial Cream → Sunscreen → Base Cream → Foundation → Concealer → Highlighter, Contouring → Loose Powder/Powder → Eyebrow Pencil, Eyebrow Powder → Eye Shadow → Eyeliner Pencil → Mascara → Blush → Lipstick, lipstick

4. Essential nutrients for initial maintenance

①Pomegranate Seed Antioxidant Essence

Efficacy: remove yellow and black, fight free radicals, delay aging

BECHI Pomegranate Seed Antioxidant Essence, additionally added a variety of plant antioxidant essences, multiple antioxidants, double the effect! It is recommended to take it together with BECHI Glutathione Whitening Pills, whitening from the inside out!

② Collagen

Efficacy: Make up for the loss of collagen, improve dry and loose skin, dark yellow and rough skin

BECHI deep-sea fish skin collagen, extracted from high-quality parts of deep-sea cod as raw material, is safer and better in absorption rate

③Anti-sugar pills

Efficacy: Fight against AGEs, the final product of glycation, accelerate glucose metabolism, and repair glycation damage

BECHI anti-sugar pills, containing internationally certified anti-sugar ingredients carnosine and lipoic acid, can effectively remove the generated AGEs and inhibit the production of AGEs