Punching the cottage to change skins, continuing the orthodox fighting, this mobile game is worthy of the domestic fighting platoon

“Street Fighter”, “Mortal Kombat”, “The King of Fighters”… These classic fighting works have all been popular in the domestic arcade halls, and they are also the “enlightenment works” of countless fighting veterans. Among them, “The King of Fighters” has become the brightest fighting star in the country by virtue of its low learning cost, and has gained a large number of fans.

With the development of fighting category towards professionalization and high level, although the upper limit of operation of foreign old fighting games has become higher, it also brings problems such as excessive difficulty and lack of community attributes, which not only makes ordinary old players It is difficult to adapt, and it has also become a “stumbling block” for new players to enter the pit. When the fresh blood gradually dwindles, the fighting game is no longer grand.

Based on this, some fighting enthusiasts choose to throw themselves into the arms of domestic fighting. But in fact, the late start of domestic fighting games has led to many fighting mobile games adopting the method of skinning. Although some domestic fighting mobile games have a good operating feel, due to the existence of the card drawing mechanism and the excessive numerical influence, the fighting becomes unfair. This unfair card-drawing fight not only hurts the player’s fighting feelings, but also makes it difficult to fundamentally meet the player’s needs.

Card-drawing fighting is in vogue, and it is common for cottages to change their skins. This practice of ignoring the real needs of players and only to make money will only continue to wear down the patience of fighting enthusiasts. Is domestic fighting so unsightly? No, there is a game that absorbs the demands of players and strives to polish its own quality. With its orthodox fighting feel, it has won the support of many fighting enthusiasts, and it has become the top domestic fighting game. It is “Glory All-Star” “.

The reason why “Glory All-Stars” can become the top domestic fighting style with a wide audience is inseparable from its unique understanding of the fighting system. As a domestic horizontal board fighting ceiling, “Glory All-Stars” focuses on polishing its own fighting system, and ensures the purity of the operating feel from the aspects of action and feedback. At the same time, it also boldly added a career system to make the fighting experience more diverse, so players can create their own skill groups according to their own preferences, and realize the personalization of players’ combos. Compared with the replacement of the skin of the cottage, this approach can better meet the needs of players and fully express the style of orthodox fighting.

In addition, the cross-century linkage with SNK King of Fighters this time combines orthodox fighting and classic feelings appropriately, and the powerful combination makes people excited. This linkage has added many familiar elements, among which the classic 3V3 wheel battle mode is the highlight of this linkage. The familiar casting interface brings a retro visual enjoyment. With the unique fighting system of “Glory All-Stars”, you can enjoy smooth gameplay. Cool fighting experience, passion is burning.

PVP intrigue is too tiring, what should the handicapped players do? [Battle for hegemony] is the best choice. In this mode, Iori An and Mai Shiranui are carefully designed as bosses, which not only restores the classic moves, but also maintains the original classic image. Facing the gods and goddesses of the past, only one battle can solve thousands of thoughts, time spans centuries, and feelings remain unchanged forever.

It has to be said that “Glory All-Stars” is very well-adjusted to the needs of fighting players. From the combat system to the fighting feel, as well as the classic elements of linkage, it has been meticulously restored. It is “Glory All-Stars” that insists on “fighting knockoffs” that domestic fighting can continue in this era and create new sparks. If you are also interested, this “Glory All-Star” is definitely worth a try. The blood is rekindled in an instant, so go to the official website to download and experience it!