Psychological test: which bag suits your temperament, and what will your love life be like?

Psychological test: which bag suits your temperament, and what will your love life be like?





A. Deep in your heart, there has always been a villain with low self-esteem at work. You never believed that with your own conditions, you could be appreciated by an excellent opposite sex. Even if you can’t believe in yourself, how can you expect to be cherished by others? So judging from the current situation, what you need is not love, but to make yourself better and more confident. Only by believing in yourself can you change your life and be eligible to be loved by others.

B. After listening to too many sad love stories, seeing too many people hurt by love and not daring to fall in love again, think about yourself being such a poor person, and you become distrustful of yourself and true love. Since there is no true love, and love is nothingness, why bother to give true love to seek nothingness?

C. Complaining about not meeting the right person, complaining that there is no one who meets the requirements, so you can’t find love. In fact, it is not others that make you find love, but yourself. Love is always by your side, but you can only see your own desires. If you can’t treat your greed correctly, you will lose the ability to love someone.

D. You are afraid of being hurt, afraid of rejection, and afraid of being used. The unhappy relationship in the past gave you too much pain, and if you can’t let go, you can’t start, so you don’t have the courage to invest in it again. Without the courage to face up to the past, you can only live forever in the shadows, unable to start a new love life.

Note: The psychological test only provides a certain reference, and the answers are for reference only. Three points are destined, and seven points are up to you! I wish you all happiness and prosperity!

Do you know the answer after reading it? I chose C, what about you? Welcome to leave your wonderful answer below!