PS5 production is discontinued and hot search SIE clarifies that only old models are discontinued

Today, the entry “PS5 discontinued” appeared on the daily hot search, which confused many players and misunderstood that the PS5 had stopped production. The reason for this oolong is a notification email sent by Amazon Japan to users who applied to buy PS5, indicating that the CFI-1100 (old model) of PS5 has terminated the purchase application due to the discontinuation of production by the manufacturer, and the CFI-1200 model is currently on sale. But on Twitter, confusing words like “PS5 production ended” became a trending topic.

This topic has also caused some players who have not purchased PS5 consoles to misunderstand and express their anxiety. For the sake of prudence, the editorial department of ねとらぼ asked Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) to verify the matter. SIE said that the PS5 has not stopped production and is now selling the PS5 of the CFI-1200 series.