PS5 elite handle opens pre-sale, officially released in January 23 丨 “God of War: Ragnarok” announced the behind-the-scenes video tonight

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Today is Tuesday, October 25, 2022, my friends have worked hard. Today, according to Sony’s official website information, the PS5 “Elite” handle has been pre-sold, come and have a look

PS5 Elite Controller opens pre-sale


“God of War 5” officially announced that the behind-the-scenes video will be released at 11 o’clock tonight

Recently, we have seen a lot of news about “God of War 5”. For example, the game director said that the gameplay mechanism of “God of War 5” is an improvement rather than innovation of “God of War 4”, while the animation director said that the development of “God of War 5” for PS5 is not enough. Will be “held back” by the PS4.

And now, there’s another good news for you: Santa Monica Studios tweeted that at 11pm on October 25th (today), they’ll be releasing a behind-the-scenes video of God of War 5, which will feature Take the player to Alfheim, the Land of Light, and introduce the game’s battles and enemies. All “God of War” fans, be sure to be on time tonight!

“God of War 5” is undoubtedly the most anticipated PS exclusive game for all PlayStation players this year, no one. The game will be officially released on November 9, landing on the PS5 and PS4 platforms, and it seems that the game will not bounce tickets this time.

“Biochemical 8” “Shadow of Rose” score announced

“Resident Evil 8: The Village” “Shadow of Rose” DLC will be officially launched on October 28, and the average score of M station media is currently 72 points. Of the 17 media, 11 gave positive reviews and 1 negative review.

Carole Quintaine 70 points:

The “Shadow of Rose” DLC provides a brief but tense experience on a level above the game itself. It’s just that the first part of the game is a bit repetitive, but the second part is pretty scary, which is awesome! Sadly, the ending and the whole don’t give Winston’s story a true ending.

This game has a GameSpot score of 6.

Rating: 6 points average

Overall review:

The “Shadow of Rose” plot is probably the most compelling part of the Winters DLC, but the mercenary content is the most valuable. Rose’s plot is an uneven and brief continuation of the Winters family story. It manages to freshen up those familiar locations, but doesn’t do a good enough job of portraying Rose and sometimes doesn’t explain her motives for her actions. The game’s third-person perspective is worth checking out, and a boon for those who want to replay the game. Although the new content of the first mercenary makes this DLC worth a try, and the plot of “Shadow of Rose” also has its wonderful points, it still has the disadvantage that the process is too short and the content is not rich enough, so it is difficult for us to fully recommend players to return to the game and focus on the game. Play.


Rose’s freezing ability sets her apart from Ethan and adds a bit of strategy to the game

Appropriately creepy second half of the content provides a decent gaming experience

New characters bring mercenary content back to life by introducing a variety of fun ways to play


Rose’s abilities were not fully realized until the last lengthy boss fight

Stealth gameplay is a bit cumbersome in third person

The content of the story is simple and does not feel the key

It is reported that “COD19” has fewer maps than its predecessor

The single-player campaign mode of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” is now open to all players who pre-ordered the game, and will be officially released on October 28. However, Activision has not announced the number of maps for the multiplayer mode of “Call of Duty 19: Modern Warfare 2”, but foreign media Insider Gaming confirmed through multiple data miners that there are 16 multiplayer maps in “Call of Duty 19”, of which 11 Zhang is a 6V6 map, and the other 5 are big battlefield maps. For comparison, there are 20 multiplayer maps in Call of Duty: Pioneer.

Set at the coordinates 1.3521°N. 103.8198°E, Call of Duty 19: Modern Warfare 2 takes players into an unprecedented global conflict with the return of the iconic members of Task Force 141. From small-scale high-risk infiltration operations to highly classified missions, players will enjoy a truly immersive gaming experience with friends.


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