Provide virtual work experience solution Springpod received 3.4 million euros in financing

DoNews news on May 27 (Ding Fan) A few days ago, Springpod, a British educational technology start-up company, received 3.4 million euros in financing led by Edge VC.

It is reported that Springpod, founded in 2018 and headquartered in London, UK, is an online career platform that allows students to make informed decisions about their future by learning about universities and the workplace through virtual work experience projects, virtual events and digital student engagement solutions. Decide.

One of the main problems Springpod solves is that many young people choose the wrong career or course due to inexperience, which has a huge impact on their future and if they drop out, it will be costly to all parties involved.

In addition to addressing the challenges young people face, Springpod also helps education providers and employers. Universities and employers often struggle to provide students with the specifics of a particular career or program, increasing student and staff attrition. Through the platform, businesses and education providers can target, inform and engage students as they plan for their futures.

According to Springpod, it has provided services to more than 400,000 students so far. Its school customers include one-third of British universities, and corporate customers include Airbus, Siemens, Vodafone, Fujitsu and the British National Health Service (NHS).

Source: iDoNews