Product power is king, liberation power is the foundation of self-discipline

Affected by multiple unfavorable factors such as repeated new crown pneumonia epidemics, tight supply chains, poor logistics, and slowing infrastructure, my country’s commercial vehicle market has been sluggish. However, there are also bright spots in the whole industry, including Jiefang Power as a core supplier of commercial vehicles counterattack, and production and sales have reached a record high.

According to statistics, in the domestic medium and heavy truck market, in the first nine months of this year, Jiefang Power’s share of supporting Jiefang Qingdao increased by 4 percentage points year-on-year, and gas engine sales increased by 67% year-on-year; in the light truck market, the sales volume of Jinwei 2.5L “Gemini” products Steady improvement, Jiefang Power’s internal distribution rate and Jinwei’s adaptation share in the social market increased by 17 and 16 percentage points respectively year-on-year; in the non-road market, its sales volume was close to 57,000 units, an increase of more than 9% year-on-year.

The growth of sales and the continuous improvement of market share are inseparable from the strong product power of the company. Looking at the honors and achievements that Jiefang Power has achieved in recent years, product strength has become a solid foundation for its continuous leadership.


Meet the higher requirements of the market with product strength

Since the beginning of this year, faced with a series of problems such as rising oil prices, falling freight rates, and difficulty in finding supply for the return journey, truck drivers have faced several more pressures on their transportation routes. Trucks are called “money-making machines” by users. In addition to purchasing a suitable model, the choice of engine is also critical. Especially in the face of the upgrade of the National VI emission standards and the market’s pursuit of efficient logistics, under the background of oil price fluctuations, configuring a fuel-saving and efficient engine has become the most concerned topic for truck users.

Jinwei CA4DD3 engine

In order to meet the diversified needs of users, Jiefang Power has made frequent moves in product layout, and comprehensively exerted its efforts in the fields of light, medium and heavy models. According to reports, in the light engine segment, with the official implementation of the new blue-brand regulations to strictly rectify “big tons and small standards”, Jiefang Power has launched two new 2.5L diesel engines, CA4DD3 and CA4DB2, among which CA4DD3 is positioned as the core of the cold chain and is the main Reliability and power, CA4DB2 is positioned as the core of urban equipment, focusing on economy and light weight; in the medium-sized machine segment, Jiefang Power’s entire series of products have been refreshed and upgraded, and models such as CA4DK2, CA6DK2, and CA6DH1 (SCR) have been launched. Compared with the original products, the power is stronger and the fuel consumption is lower, giving users a new experience; in the heavy-duty machine segment, Jiefang Power optimizes the air intake system, combustion system, reduces friction pairs, optimizes road calibration and other means, combined with vehicle matching , power chain system optimization, etc., to ensure the low fuel consumption advantage of China VI products.

BOWELL CA6DK2 engine

Especially for the tractor market, Jiefang Power has a keen insight into the market trend. On the basis of balancing the purchase cost and transportation needs, it has launched the Aowei CA6DM3 520 horsepower (about 382kW) engine, which achieves the lowest fuel consumption and the most dynamic performance in the same horsepower segment. It has 6 core advantages of low fuel consumption, high reliability, high safety, high comfort, low self-weight and low maintenance cost, and fully meets the demands of medium and long-distance logistics and transportation users.

Aowei CA6DM3 engine

It is worth mentioning that since the full arrival of the China VI era of heavy trucks in July last year, Jiefang Power’s market share in this field is far ahead, (the proportion of terminal sales) has exceeded 16%, making it a reliable choice for fuel-saving power with leading technology. , and comprehensively won the national VI standard upgrade competition.

The relevant person in charge of Jiefang Power told reporters that in the sixth stage of the country, the core advantages of Jiefang Power products are: first, fuel saving, second, reliability, and third, multi-technical routes. It is understood that on the basis of the industry-leading National V products, the fuel consumption of Jiefang Power National VI products has been further reduced. The comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 3%~5% lower than that of competing products, and the power, reliability and adaptability are stronger. Comprehensive The advantage is obvious. Jiefang Power will also apply the results that can reach higher European standards in the future to the National VI engine, which greatly improves the reliability compared with the National Five products, and further reduces the 12MIS (response parts durability failure mode rate) by 50%. In the sixth stage of the country, Jiefang Power fully implements the EGR and EGR-free routes. At the same time, in the more subdivided technical routes, there are also various combinations of exhaust temperature management valves and EGR valves, which are suitable for different application scenarios and maximize the performance. Fuel saving advantages, thus reflecting stronger competitiveness. 

Jinwei CA4DB1 National VI Engine


Strengthen technological innovation around user needs

Product power is the cornerstone of the brand and the carrier of technological innovation and advanced technology. Jiefang Power’s R&D team accurately grasps market opportunities, transforms user needs into product development goals, and continuously develops products with leading competitiveness.

It is understood that at present, the most concerned and core demands of commercial vehicle users are to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Jiefang Power’s R&D team is anxious for users’ needs, and constantly explores technology and product solutions. The relevant person in charge of Jiefang Power’s R&D department said that on the one hand, the R&D team has strong computational simulation, data analysis and data calibration capabilities. By building simulation software models, pre-designing combustion parameters, predicting combustion conditions, and using digital to automate bench DOE testing, data modeling analysis, and system-wide optimization and calibration have made outstanding contributions to reducing engine fuel consumption.

On the other hand, the R&D team used high compression ratio pistons, combustion profiles with independent intellectual property rights and a 2500bar common rail system for heavy-duty engines to increase the fuel injection rate, laying the foundation for achieving a thermal efficiency of 50%; in addition, in some heavy-duty engines In addition, a series of fuel consumption reduction measures such as intelligent accessory technology, low friction technology, special oil design, and efficient thermal management are adopted to further enhance the competitiveness of products. 

At the same time, with the application of big data, cloud computing and other advanced technologies, intelligence is sweeping the global manufacturing industry with unprecedented power. As a leading company in the engine industry, Jiefang Power keeps pace with the times and relies on the big data platform of the Internet of Vehicles to establish an OTA data analysis team to understand user needs in a timely manner.

According to the relevant person in charge of Jiefang Power’s R&D department, the first is to customize the scene. Through the T-box, the user’s driving behavior and driving needs can be more accurately captured, and the customized calibration data and OTA data can be refreshed to meet the special customization needs of users. The second is fault diagnosis based on the expert system, collecting vehicle data fault models, combining with quality data to form an expert system, and accurately finding and solving problems through big data analysis. The last is predictive diagnosis and customized maintenance, which analyzes user operation data. Assuming that under normal circumstances, the engine needs to change the oil after the vehicle runs for 40,000 kilometers, but if the vehicle is particularly light-loaded and the road conditions are good, the system will remind the user that the oil can not be changed temporarily, so as to accurately escort the user’s efficient operation.


Continue competitiveness in power diversification

With the proposal of the “dual carbon” goal, the development of new energy commercial vehicles has received great attention both inside and outside the industry. Driven by market demand and policies, the new energy commercial vehicle market has ushered in a new wave of favorable development. According to statistics, in the context of the sharp decline in domestic heavy truck sales in the first half of this year, the sales of new energy heavy trucks exceeded 10,000 units, a year-on-year increase of nearly 500%, and the market popularity has increased significantly.

Faced with issues such as climate warming, energy security, “dual carbon” goals, and energy transition, the traditional automotive internal combustion engine industry has encountered certain challenges. In this regard, Jiefang Power took precautions and laid out in advance, and insisted on the simultaneous layout of hydrogen energy and power batteries. Among them, in terms of hydrogen energy, on the one hand, Jiefang Power conducts research on key technologies of hydrogen internal combustion engines, and promotes the rapid industrialization of hydrogen internal combustion engines with the help of the existing internal combustion engine industry foundation; on the other hand, it completes the industrial layout of fuel cells through joint ventures and cooperation, and establishes a complete fuel Battery system, stack manufacturing and R&D capabilities.

In terms of power batteries, Jiefang Power has fully grasped the advantageous resources of the power battery industry, established the manufacturing and R&D capabilities of cells, modules, and PACKs, and further accelerated the research and layout of new businesses such as battery replacement, and accelerated the transformation of enterprises from manufacturing to service-oriented. Transformation, with more diversified technical routes and diversified product portfolios, to provide customers with better energy-saving solutions.

At this stage, the global auto industry is developing towards electrification, networking, intelligence and sharing. Facing the general trend of transformation, Jiefang Power closely focuses on intelligent network connection, accelerates the layout of power domain technologies and products, takes machine + box + bridge as the main body, and uses domain control software as the purpose to realize the transformation from mechanically defined cars to software-defined cars. Users provide services such as highly intelligent optimal driving mode, data fusion intelligent optimization, integrated life management, and value-added Internet of Everything.

“In the next 3 to 5 years, Jiefang Power will not only insist on strengthening traditional business, continue to improve the competitiveness of traditional products, and deploy a new generation of world-leading light, medium and heavy-duty engines; it will also accelerate the layout of new businesses, focusing on power batteries and hydrogen internal combustion engines. , fuel cells, hybrid power, master core technologies and resources, strengthen the transfer of business to the front and back ends of the engine industry chain, strive to achieve breakthroughs in new business development, and support the realization of Jiefang Power’s strategic goal of ‘China’s first, world-class’.” Jiefang Power is responsible for man finally said.

Text: Yao Huifa Editor: Pang Guoxia Format: Wang Kun

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