Private Banking Clients Are Trapped with Chronic Illnesses, Ping An Health Famous Doctors Come to Relief

Hemifacial spasm, also known as hemifacial spasm, is an involuntary twitching of one side of the face. The convulsions are paroxysmal and irregular, with varying degrees, and can be aggravated by fatigue, mental stress, and voluntary movements. The onset usually starts from the orbicularis oculi muscle and then involves the entire face. The disease mostly occurs after middle age and is more common in women.

Ms. Qiu is 60 years old this year. Five years ago, she began to experience facial spasms intermittently, and conservative treatment did not work well. Since the beginning of this year, due to the aggravation of the disease, Ms. Qiu’s life and work have been greatly affected. To this end, she constantly sought the opportunity to go to Beijing to find a well-known expert for treatment, but she was unable to make the trip due to her unfamiliarity. By chance, Ms. Qiu began to try to use the consulting rights of famous doctors enjoyed by customers of Ping An Private Bank.

After receiving Ms. Qiu’s request, the team of famous doctors of Ping An Health conducted in-depth communication with her, and immediately conducted a targeted analysis of the condition, and recommended Professor Yu Yanbing, an expert from Beijing.

After Ping An Health’s appointment arrangement, Ms. Qiu soon arrived in Beijing as scheduled, and with the assistance of Ping An Health’s escorts, she successfully completed various in-hospital inspection procedures.

After reading Ms. Qiu’s examination results, Professor Yu Yanbing gave detailed answers to Ms. Qiu regarding the operation plan, the effect achieved, and the follow-up rehabilitation. At the same time, Ping An Health’s escorts also assisted Ms. Qiu in arranging a ward in a timely manner, so that she could be hospitalized as soon as possible and carry out preoperative examinations.

In the end, Ms. Qiu’s operation was very successful, and her postoperative recovery was also very smooth. Ms. Qiu was very satisfied with this trip to Beijing to find a doctor, especially the team of famous doctors of Ping An Health was able to provide her with such efficient and high-quality services. Improve your bank user level so that you can continue to enjoy more and better services from Ping An Health when you need medical treatment next time.

Ping An Health takes “building a professional doctor-patient communication bridge and protecting the health of the whole people” as its mission, and upholds the value proposition of “saving worry, time and money”, so that every company can have a happy workplace and every family can have its own doctor , Let every user have the vision of safe and healthy, and is determined to become China’s leading one-stop service platform for enterprise health management.