Princess on the run! “Four-thousand-year-old beauty” Ju Jingyi punched into Disneyland, so beautiful that she almost didn’t recognize it

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As we all know, there are a lot of beauties in the entertainment industry, but actress Ju Jingyi has been called “four thousand years of beauty” as soon as she debuted, which shows that fans who like her recognize her beauty. Ju Jingyi’s appearance is of the sweet type, her temperament is fresh and natural, and she has a fragile feeling that I feel pity for.

Recently, “4000-year-old beauty” Ju Jingyi posted a beautiful photo of herself punching in Disneyland on social platforms, arousing the attention and praise of many fans.

In the photo, Ju MM is wearing a pink knitted sweater and a pink headband. She is full of sweetness and cuteness, and is transformed into a Disney princess on the run. The beauty is holding her face in her hands and smiling, she looks in a good mood, her facial features are still exquisite and photogenic, and she is almost unrecognizable!

For MMs who take the sweet route, sweaters are definitely the best tool to express themselves. Because compared with other single products, knitted sweaters have a special texture, with an inherent fluffy texture, soft and comfortable. Coupled with the delicate tones like macarons, it can easily deduce a gentle girlish atmosphere when worn on the body, showing the tenderness and gentleness of a little woman, and a simple piece is full of girly power.

The version of the sweater is classic and durable, and the comfortable round neck is smooth and delicate, which modifies the neck line very well. It is natural and decent, and there is no lack of leisure in elegance.

The short design optimizes the body shape, especially for MM with a petite figure like Ju Jingyi. With jeans, it can make the legs look longer, show high spirit, and create a modern dynamic fashion.

The knitted sweater uses a refreshing short-sleeved design. Ju Jingyi matches the “active” sleeves of the same color on her arms, exposing part of the skin of her arms between the sweater and the sleeves, which enhances the overall sense of shape. I have to say, it looks like a different kind of beauty, more than a little sexy and charming!

Girls of any age have a girly heart. Ju Jingyi, who plays at Disney, has a childlike heart and wears two bow-tie headbands of different colors and styles on her head, which is full of girlishness. With the blessing of a black long straight hairstyle, it is pure and cute, and you can feel the fresh and youthful feeling through the screen, full of vitality.

The pink sweater is playful and age-reducing, and can be matched with retro flared jeans like Ju Jingyi, which is full of personality. Not only has the long legs against the sky been modified, but the temperament is also very foreign, and it has become the most fashionable landscape in Disneyland.

The beautiful picture of the “4000-year-old beauty” taking a selfie in the mirror, the appearance of Dudu’s mouth is very soft and cute, and it can be eaten by men, women and children. As for whether she belongs to the help of modern “technology”, the benevolent sees the difference, and the wise sees the wisdom!

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