Princess Leonor, 17, wore a suit in public for the first time, just like her mother’s style

Spain’s King Felipe and Queen Letizia came out to “open for business” with a pair of daughters again! Lai Hou and his wife are handsome men and beautiful women, their two daughters are youthful and energetic, and the whole family is very eye-catching.

This time, the 17-year-old princess learned from her mother that she wore a suit and dressed a lot more maturely. The 15-year-old princess showed off her “comic legs” in a miniskirt again.

Lai Queen showed off her figure in a velvet crystal embroidered dress by Teresa Helbig . The skirt is from the Bookwalk collection by Teresa Helbig.

Of course, we can see that Laihou’s dress is made to order, with subtle differences from the dresses on the runway.

Princess Leonor opted for a gorgeous pink suit for the first time in public .

The suit is from the Spanish local brand Laura Bernal, which is also the brand her mother Laura has worn many times. Style yours with a black top and pink Carolina Herrera suede pumps.

The princess’ outfit can clearly see the shadow of her mother Laihou. She has the same business casual style as her mother, neat and elegant.

Princess Leonor’s suit style is very similar to her mother’s. Instead of a more formal shirt, she wears a feminine lace vest , which is also her mother’s favorite form of matching.

The color of the suit is pink, which is also her mother’s favorite color in recent years . Before this, Leonor also wore pink clothes many times. It seems that pink is about to become the most popular color for the Spanish royal family.

As she gets older, the eldest princess looks more and more like her mother. Now, she is closer to her mother in terms of dressing style, and gradually begins to replace her mother as the fashion icon of the Spanish royal family. The pink suit she was wearing was sold out instantly, showing her ability to carry goods .

The little princess Sophia is now the tallest of the three mothers and daughters, wearing flat shoes as tall as her mother and sister in high heels. The tall Sophia is showing off her comic legs again!

The Spanish royal family has a dress code for female personnel, with skirts at least knee-length, but this rule does not currently apply to underage princesses.

The green satin miniskirt worn by Sofia this time is from the Spanish local brand The Are, with round neck and long sleeves, featuring a pleated design at the waist. Pair it with silver flats for a simple yet elegant look.

Compared with Sophia’s previous short skirts, this time’s skirts are obviously more adult-like. It can be seen that the little princess has gradually gotten rid of the childish feeling.

The choice of clothing colors for the sisters is quite interesting. The sister is pink and the sister is green, which means “green leaves with red flowers”.

When the mother and daughter are in the same frame, the eldest princess stands in the C position, and the dress is the most eye-catching, with the style of the future Queen of Spain.