Priest changed position? The fifth personality contains one more member, 142 seconds Xiuma “Big Devil”

As an early character of the fifth personality game, the priest is highly sought after by players because of its unique skill mechanism, flexible matching gameplay, and unique styling performance. The fact that the early passage skills are only for survivors to pass through once made the priest the strongest assistant, and it has a unique advantage in maps such as Sacred Heart Hospital and Moon River Park.

In the later version changes, although the supervisor can cross and destroy the passage, the existence of the super-long passage allows the priest to have the ability to “control the field” of the survivors, and the stun after the supervisor passes through can also play a role in delaying time. And The unique ability to traverse the terrain still exists, and it is very popular in the professional arena that pays attention to team operations and role coordination. Except for maps with less room to play, such as the military factory, the rest will push priests to a situation where non-bans must be selected.

It is precisely because the priest has a powerful auxiliary ability, its external characteristics of weakness, idealism, and divine blessing make it debuff in terms of containment, deciphering, and being healed. In particular, the interaction speed caused by weakness is reduced, and priests are often powerless when they are restrained by a single person.

When priests appear on the field, they often pull points in advance to avoid the pursuit, and open up passages on the only way to contain teammates or at fixed points on the map, and try to avoid being the No. 1 containment position. However, in the match between DOU5 and FPX.ZQ on the second day of the third week of the regular season, when the DOU5_DongX “Great Demon” used the unique dream witch, FPX.ZQ_Drop used the priest to contain it for 142 seconds, dragging enough time for teammates to decipher , the best restraint position.

Let’s follow the replay of the game and have a glimpse of this wonderful game of pinning priests. At the beginning, the witch of dreams found the priest in the middle, and the priest used the board to stun the believers. Afterwards, the witch of the dream hit with the inspector, and the priest opened the passage and was interrupted and held a knife. After the distance, the “psychologist” empathized to help the priest to make up for the state, and then the witch of dreams took another knife. At this time, three cipher machines on the field had been deciphered. After the priest turned and entered the cemetery, he used the board to stun the believers. During this process, the game also rarely lights up to contain the prompt for 100 seconds.

After the patient resisted the knife and rescued the priest, the cipher machine was directly deciphered during the rescue. Although the follow-up “psychologist” made a mistake and was retained and knocked down, the supervisor also seized the opportunity to knock down the patient. However, Survivor’s early advantage is too great, and when both fell to the ground, they also made three runs due to sufficient props.

In this game, the regulators of FPX.ZQ_D also played well. Especially the first-hand wax figure artist, who won three catches in the first play of the dominant map Yongmian Town, and the decisive game even seized the opportunity given by the opponent when he was not optimistic, and also won three catches. His wax artist’s wax oil release, hot wax control and field control ideas are worth reviewing and learning, and his wonderful performance today also helped him win the best performance.

In general, the game was full of ups and downs. Seeing that DOU5 turned the tide and equalized the situation in the second game, FPX.ZQ withstood the pressure in the third game and reproduced the wonderful performance of the first game, and finally won the rival DOU5. The momentum of FPX.ZQ has improved, and the first-hand wax figure artist is expected to become the unique skill of the team. We look forward to its subsequent wonderful performance and reproduce the “Youth Bird” flying with wings!