Priced at a million against Porsche! Bingley Motors debuts

Recently, the first model of another high-end new energy vehicle brand is coming. According to the official Weibo account of BeyonCa, BeyonCa will debut its first new car on October 30. According to earlier media reports, the first model of Bingley Motors will directly lock the price at the “million level”, or will be the standard Porsche Taycan.

Many people may not be familiar with Bentley cars. Relevant information shows: Binli Automobile was established in June and November 2021 by Su Weiming, a former executive of Volkswagen China. The registered capital of Bingli Automobile is 200 million US dollars, and its business scope includes: computer system services; technology development, technology transfer, technology consulting, and technical services; software development; basic software services; application software services (excluding medical software); data processing; Business management; business management consulting; economic and trade consulting; conference services; undertaking exhibitions and exhibitions. In addition, it also includes technology import and export, goods import and export, agency import and export related to the vehicle manufacturing business (involving quota licensing management, and commodities managed by special regulations are handled in accordance with relevant national regulations); sales of auto parts; engineering and technology Research; product design; about the first model of Bingley Motors According to the official introduction: “We are committed to providing people with a healthy and pleasant lifestyle, creating a luxurious smart new energy vehicle and providing butler-style ecological services”.

Its founder, Guan Suwei, has extensive experience in the automotive industry and has worked in many car companies, including 16 years in Volkswagen alone. In January 2021, Su Weiming resigned from the Volkswagen Group and became the CEO of Renault China in March. He was the general manager of Beijing Jeep Sales and Marketing Department. In March 2005, Su Weiming served as the Vice President of Volkswagen Group China, Deputy General Manager of FAW-Volkswagen Commercial and General Manager of the Sales Company, and entered the marketing field of the joint venture. In 2016, Su Weiming was promoted to Executive Vice President of Volkswagen Group and concurrently serves as President of Volkswagen Group Greater China and ASEAN Business Operations, Director and Executive Vice President of Volkswagen Group (China), and Chairman of Volkswagen (China) Sales Co., Ltd. In 2017, Mobility Asia, a Volkswagen subsidiary, was founded. In March 2021, he will join Renault as CEO of Renault China.

On November 29, 2021, Binli Information and Beijing Great Wall Huaguan Automobile R&D Co., Ltd. jointly established Beijing Binli Automotive Technology Development Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 1 million. According to public information, Binli Information currently has 9 members, with Su Weiming as the chairman, and 6 directors, including You Zheng, Zhang Yi, Liao Xianzhi, and Zheng Zibin, as well as a supervisor and a financial officer. Among them, You Zheng is the deputy general manager of Dongfeng Motor Group, and Liao Xianzhi is the chairman of Wuhan Dongfeng Insurance Brokerage Company. According to media reports earlier, Dongfeng Motor has invested in Bingli Automobile, and will be the OEM for it. Zhang Yi is the actual controller of Beijing Renji Real Estate Development Group. In addition to serving as a director of Binli Information, he also invested 50% in the establishment of Binli Intelligence. Another director, Zheng Zibin, serves as a director of Binli Intelligence. He was the CTO of VIPKID and Google China. Technical Director, Vice President of Baidu, etc.

From the perspective of the core characters of Bingli Motors, each of them has a great background. However, in the stage of rapid development of new energy vehicles, it is not only enough to have a background. After all, before Su Weiming, there were many precedents where professional managers who had worked in the auto industry for many years chose to start their own businesses and end up building cars. For example, Shen Hui from WM Motor, Zhang Yong from Nezha Automobile, and Ding Lei from Gaohe Automobile. It is still difficult to fight a bloody path in the new energy high-end track.

Some netizens believe that “Binli’s strides are too big”, and some netizens think that “there are not many new energy vehicles that are luxury-oriented, and Bingli has a chance.” It is worth noting that in the era of fuel vehicles, there are traditional luxury brands, and it is an unrealistic dream for new car companies to build luxury cars. Now, after switching to the new energy track, new car companies are building high-end new energy vehicles. It also seems to have some confidence. After all, new energy vehicles are different from traditional vehicles. Innovation and differentiation are the only way for new forces to succeed.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of the trend of new energy electrification, as far as the electric market of millions of new energy vehicles is concerned, it is still a blank stage. However, many traditional luxury brands are launching millions of electric vehicles one after another, hoping to grab more market share. For example, Rolls-Royce recently launched the first electric car Shining and Porsche’s electric car Taycan. For Bingley Motors, the first car will be the Porsche Taycan as soon as it comes up. It is still limited to gain market attention in the short term. After all, in the choice between price and value, consumers will still be more inclined to have a brand accumulated models.

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