Price Guarantee Service 2.0 is launched, and SF Express focuses on improving service experience during “Double Eleven”

The “Double Eleven” shopping festival is approaching. How to provide customers with safer, faster and higher-quality services during this annual peak period of express delivery is the direction of the express delivery industry. In 2022, SF Express will always be committed to improving customer satisfaction and high-quality terminal service experience. This year’s “Double Eleven”, SF Express’s terminal delivery capabilities have been further improved, and multiple platforms have completed reserve capacity guarantees. In the past, high-quality and efficient pre-service services have been continuously upgraded, and the power of technology has been fully utilized to create for customers. “Double Eleven” quality service experience.

Full insured price, total loss, total loss, full compensation

For the service industry, user experience has always been the cornerstone of brand growth and development. End-user experience not only needs to be safe and fast, but also warm and secure. This year, SF Express has strategically upgraded its service experience. At the beginning of September, SF Express announced that it would provide the service of “payment if delivery is not delivered to the door” in 50 major large and medium-sized cities across the country.

Before the peak period of “Double Eleven” this year, SF Express launched an upgraded version of the 2.0 version of the insured service, providing customers with multi-scenario and multi-dimensional insured services. It is reported that the upgraded insured service system includes three major products: “full insurance”, “fixed amount insurance” and “basic insurance”. The newly launched insured products not only provide full compensation for all lost losses under the full insured price, that is, “how much is insured, how much is indemnified”, but also greatly shorten the time and period of compensation, and the fastest 12 hours from customer claim settlement to settlement.

“Full amount insurance” is applicable to items with relatively clear commodity value. According to the description, this service not only has special personnel to connect and prioritize processing, and realizes the rapid arrival of claims, but also has more relaxed claims rules. Under the full insured price, all losses will be “insured as much as possible”, and some damages will be further increased with compensation plans to provide users with more humane claims services.

“Fixed amount insurance” is a new insurance product of SF Express that specifically serves the value of invoices, documents, etc. that are difficult to measure or contain intangible value consignments. Not only will the compensation be credited to the account within 12 hours, but the value certificate is no longer required in the claim settlement process, and the compensation can be made proportionally only based on the degree of damage combined with the insured amount. That is to say, customers can choose the insured price according to the value they choose by themselves when they deliver the goods. All damages can be compensated according to the corresponding value of the insured price. Partial damages can also be compensated at a fixed proportion of 50% of the insured price, which greatly relaxes the standard of compensation.

Taking into account the subdivisions, deep cultivation of reverse services

Today, “Double Eleven” has become the largest shopping carnival in China. From big platforms such as Tmall and Douyin, to professional platforms such as Dewu and Vipshop, and vertical e-commerce, they will all take advantage of the momentum during this period. Brand owners participate in social consumption and festival promotions by joining platforms, establishing micro-businesses, and building their own brand malls.

Over the years, SF Express has also been deeply engaged in the reverse service of e-commerce platforms. Relying on a stable network infrastructure, excellent distribution capabilities, and its unique positioning as an independent third-party service role, SF Express has currently provided services including Pinduoduo, Vipshop, More than 30 e-commerce platforms, including Sound, Taobao, etc., support the full service from “buy, buy, buy”. This year, consumers can feel the convenience brought by SF Express more prominently in the return and exchange services of multiple platforms.

It is reported that during the “Double Eleven” period, SF Express has reserved more than 500 high-speed rail transportation capacity, combined with more than 70 self-owned all-cargo aircraft, helping the e-commerce platform to improve the speed of logistics transfer and the timeliness of receiving and dispatching parcels. At the same time, SF Express also fully combines various factors such as promotion rules, promotion scale, and participating customers of different e-commerce platforms to reasonably allocate resources to ensure that the business of each region and outlet can be carried out in an orderly manner.

This year, SF Express has vigorously expanded its flexible resources, strengthened the cooperation and coordination with SF Express Co., Ltd., and upgraded the original intra-city express orders to instant delivery and direct delivery.

SF e-commerce warehouse

SF e-commerce warehouse

Extremely effective front-end, a tool for fulfilling the contract during the big promotion period

In recent years, with the changes in the external environment and the continuous increase in the volume of parcels, the logistics service industry has faced more uncertain service performance situations. In the past few years, the “extremely effective front-end” service has realized the standardization, popularization and universalization of products, and demonstrated the ability to meet the various needs of customers with different positioning brands in different industries.

In 2018, SF Express launched the “extremely effective front-end” service. After four years of development, the solution, which originally focused on providing services for international beauty brands, has expanded to more livelihood commodities, covering fast-moving consumer goods and daily chemicals. , 3C, shoes and clothing and other industries; from the original big promotion activities such as “Double Eleven” and “618” on a single e-commerce platform, it has expanded to multi-platform and multi-mode support, and even fully meets the daily live broadcast of brands and single-store promotions. Activity scene; from the original single product front mode, to a comprehensive commodity category front mode that drives warehouses with efficient and coordinated warehouse distribution; from the original pursuit of a single standard “fast” The ultimate time-effective experience to consumers can choose independently The deterministic fulfillment delivery efficiency shift.

The comprehensive upgrade of the “extremely effective front-end” service not only improves the multi-level performance service experience of consumers, but also helps brand customers to solve the supply chain coping problems caused by the superposition of different order bands, while providing standard SAAS services with full visibility for merchants.

In 2022, SF Express has provided nearly 100 brands with upgraded “extremely effective front-end” services. A total of more than 120 million commodities have been pre-installed, and more than 10,000 pre-storage and distribution integrated resources have been provided, and the time-limited performance has covered 334 cities. Reduce costs and increase efficiency for merchants, provide consumers with the ultimate shopping experience, and achieve a win-win situation for brands, consumers, and logistics companies.

Smart security check, “Double Eleven” is safer

During the “Double Eleven” period this year, relying on its strong technological capabilities, SF Express will make joint efforts in end-user experience, cargo delivery safety, distribution and transportation services, etc., so that users can experience more convenient, more professional, and warmer delivery services.

In terms of end-to-end services, SF Technology’s micro-signature (micro-SIGN) product has comprehensively upgraded the traditional paper receipt business, becoming the first domestic enterprise to apply electronic contract technology to the logistics delivery performance link, not only realizing the original paper receipts The entire process of electronic signature circulation can also ensure that the signed electronic receipt has strong legal effect. At present, electronic receipt has become a standard value-added service provided by SF Express to customers, and the implementation of the micro-signature product is also a microcosm of SF Express’s practice of digitalization and low-carbonization.

SF Express Smart Security Inspection System

SF Express Smart Security Inspection System

In terms of delivery safety, SF Express’s smart security inspection system has been fully launched, and traditional security inspection machines have been upgraded through AI intelligent mapping technology to achieve larger-scale and faster X-ray analysis capabilities. Real-time monitoring and traceability ensure safety of cargo.

Facing the “Double Eleven” in the new year, SF Express will continue to leverage its technological advantages, create digital and intelligent contract fulfillment services through big data intelligent algorithms, real-time dynamic prediction, and whole-process visual control to ensure the time-sensitive contract fulfillment of each express shipment and every shipment. A customer’s high-quality service experience.