pretty! Tieling Skills Exhibition was unveiled in the Provincial Vocational Skills Competition

The first vocational skills competition in Liaoning Province lasted for 3 days. On October 28th, while the competition was in full swing, the skill display areas of various cities also attracted special attention. Among them, the Tieling exhibition hall, with the theme of “Strengthening Skills to Improve Quality and Promote Development”, combined with physical exhibitions and interesting experiences, highlighted the advantages of Tieling’s skills in creating a stunning appearance, and attracted many participants from other cities to stop and visit. 

Demonstrate laser cutting in real

The Tieling exhibition hall has a total of 5 sections, including the construction achievements of the skilled talent team in Tieling City, the reform and development achievements of Tieling Technician College, the technological innovation achievements of Tieling City enterprises, the unique skills of folk skills and some excellent high-skilled talents sections in our city. The blue and white tones are in line with Tieling’s concept and characteristics of attracting talents from all over the world with the mind of “Hainan Baichuan”. The exhibition hall displays the innovative development process of the city’s skilled personnel training work and technological achievements in recent years from multiple angles.

The delegation of our city brought the rotating LED fan 3D advertising machine and laser cutting technology products produced by representatives of typical Tieling economic development enterprises such as Liaoning Tiefa Energy Co., Ltd. and Liaoning Luping Co., Ltd. The technology makes people’s eyes shine, and also allows the audience to experience the shining of the light of technology.

Wear VR glasses to roam the mine

Wearing VR glasses, you can experience the roaming and intelligent mining of smart mines. This experience allows many visitors to enjoy a comprehensive impact on sight, touch and senses. This is also created by Liaobei Technician College in recent years for the types and locations of common coal mine accidents, as well as weak safety locations and specific situations of people. It combines professional safety knowledge with virtual reality technology and Internet technology to open an immersive A new era of simulation experience teaching.

Jin Shi Chuan Tuo Mo fragrance bursts

At the same time as the visit and experience, the fragrance of ink floated from time to time in the exhibition hall. At the scene of the intangible cultural heritage of Jinshi Chuan, the inheritor Fan Junzheng tapped the rice paper with a bristle brush. When the rice paper was dry and wet, he scattered the ink, and then Dip a rubbing bag with an appropriate amount of ink, tap lightly on the paper, and finally a rubbing with uniform ink color is completed. This is not only an ancient traditional skill, but also brings beautiful artistic enjoyment to the audience, and it also vividly shows the persistence and tenacity of Tieling people.

The team leader of our city delegation introduced that with the help of the important platform of the first vocational skills competition in our province, we will display our city’s technological development advantages and professional talent construction system in an all-round, multi-angle and three-dimensional manner. , to better support the strong development of our city’s technical strength.

Tieling Daily All Media Reporter ▏ Zhou Mengtong

Editor ▏ Zhang Meiqi Responsible Editor ▏ Jiang Hong