Premier League-Han waist 92 minutes corner kick lore Tottenham 2 goals behind 3-2 reverse victory

Tottenham 2 goals behind 3-2 comeback victory

  At 22:00 on October 29th, Beijing time (15:00 local time in the UK), the 14th round of the 2022/23 Premier League began. Tottenham beat Bournemouth 3-2, Sessegnon and Ben David Silian scored 2 goals and Bentancur made a lore in 92 minutes.

  Sessegnon, Skip, Bisuma, Emerson, Lenglet and Sanchez alternate. In the 22nd minute, Tavernier counterattacked and made a pass from the right, and Moore pushed into the lower right corner from 12 yards. In the 49th minute, Adam Smith made a cross from the right, and Moore headed into the upper left corner from the edge of the small penalty area, 2-0.

Bournemouth 1-0, Moore

Bournemouth 2-0, Moore

  Tottenham scored 3 goals in a row to reverse. In the 57th minute, Hoiber made a direct pass, and Sessegnon made a low shot into the far corner from 8 yards from the left rib of the penalty area, 1-2. In the 73rd minute, Perisic took a corner kick, and Ben Davis scored a header from a distance from a distance, 2-2. Tottenham made a lore in the 92nd minute, Bentancur corner kicked into the upper corner before the small penalty area, 3-2.

Tottenham 1-2, Sessegnon

Tottenham 2-2, Ben Davies

Tottenham 3-2, Bentancur

  Tottenham (3-5-2): 1-Lori; 6-Sanchez (58′, 15-Dell), 34-Langlei, 33-Ben Davis; 12-Emerson (63′, 14-Perisic), 5-Hojber, 38-Bisuma(58′,30-Bentancur), 4-Skip(46′,27-Lucas), 19- Sessegnon (84′, 11-Gill); 10-Kane, 7-Sun Heung-min

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