Precautions for children’s sports, children in the developmental period should pay attention

If the child is regarded as a flower in the greenhouse, he will not be able to withstand the wind and rain, let alone thrive. Therefore, insisting on exercise and strengthening exercise since childhood is an important condition to ensure health. Exercise and exercise can not only improve children’s ability to adapt to the external environment, but also help children absorb nutrients from nature and improve various bodily functions.

However, not all sports are suitable for children who are still in the growth and development period. How to choose, parents should understand the following content.

Five tips for children’s sports and exercise


Choose the right program according to your child’s age, gender and health. Sports can be combined with games, or parents and children can participate together to increase the fun.

Step by step. Projects from less to more, time from short to long, activities from small to large, there should be rest time in between.



Do pre-exercise preparation activities and post-exercise finishing activities. Wipe dry if you sweat, change your wet clothes, and drink some plain water or sports drinks as appropriate.

Persevere. Only by persevering for a long time can you strengthen your physique.



be careful. When you are unwell, you should stop exercising. For some projects, you should wear corresponding protective equipment, and some projects should pay attention to the people who are contraindicated.


Avoid tug of war

tug of war

Tug-of-war requires holding your breath hard, sometimes holding your breath for more than ten seconds at a time. When the breath is suddenly changed from holding the breath to exhaling, the venous blood flow will suddenly flow to the atrium, damaging the child’s atrial wall.

Tug of war may also damage the child’s “muscles and bones”. In childhood, muscles mainly grow vertically, the strength to fix the joints is weak, and the bones have large elasticity and low hardness. Tug-of-war can easily cause joint dislocation and soft tissue damage, inhibit bone growth, and even lead to limb deformation in severe cases, affecting body shape.


Avoid early strength training

Premature strength training

First, it will make the local muscles too strong, affecting the symmetrical development of all parts of the body; second, it will make the muscles develop prematurely, causing a heavy burden on the heart and other organs; third, it may also make the local muscles stiff and lose their normal elasticity .

Therefore, do not let your child perform strength training such as pull-ups, push-ups, and sit-ups too early. Exercises for training muscle strength are more suitable from the first and second grades of junior high school.