[Practical] Seasonal card pack “White Paper for Card Drawing” is a good draw for separate card packs, comparable to dominance, and more valuable!

Season card pack 20 chances to draw 398 gold beads per draw

and 2 guaranteed orange cards

Is the season worth it?

The S2 and S3 out-of-print separatist/hegemony card packs must be drawn, the battle card packs are not worth it

The proportion of PK season card packs is very low. On the one hand, you can see the orange rate. If you get two oranges in 6 times in a row = 4740 gold beads, it is equivalent to 12 seasons. If you can get 2 oranges, you will not lose. It depends on the proportion of the generals/tactics needed in the season card package, the following analysis

Do you want to draw 2 cards or not?

It is best to finish the S2-3 season. In the PK season, I think it depends on the feeling. If you get 3 cards in the first 10 times, you can chase after the victory. If you only get 2 guarantees after more than ten times, you can stop and save a few times in the end.

First, let’s take a general look at the number of appearances and appearance rates of all card pack generals.

Hegemony has 8 more specific generals than Separatist

Some of these generals are very strong and practical, such as Wei Yan, Jiang Wei, Sp Xun Yu, Sp Guo Jia, and some are “fashionable” and not practical, such as Sp Lu Meng. In contrast, the generals and tactics that are resident in the Doge and Separatist card packs are the ones with the highest appearance rates. The following is an analysis of how to choose the most affordable card packs. After all, each time you draw a card with 398 gold beads, it will cost nearly 8000 to draw 20 times. Jinzhu, it’s so uncomfortable to be blinded

PK Separation Rewards

Practical general card in the card bag

I: Zhou Tai, Guan Yinping

II: Man Chong, Ju Shou, Sp Zhou Yu

III: no

Practical tactics inherited by generals

I: Kei-shaped formation (Miss Guan)

II: Weimou Mikang (Ju Shu) to break the army Weisheng (Wang Shuang) try his best to assist (Zhang Rang)

III: Destroying the Army (Wang Shuang) with all his might (Zhang Rang)

Suggestion: If you don’t have any of the above, you can consider drawing a separate card package

The division of the PK season (III) is only worthless in terms of tactics. There are two styles (I) and (II). (II) The proportion of practical generals and tactics is relatively more. I think if there are too many of them, I can use them temporarily. If you don’t need it, you should choose more. After all, it’s the PK season, and it’s more important to keep a number.

PK hegemony reward

Rare and useful general card:

I: Zhou Tai, Guan Yinping, Sp Yuan Shao, Jiang Wei

II: Man Chong, Wei Yan, Sp Zhu Jun, Sp Zhou Yu, Sp Zhuge Liang, Ju Shou

III: Sp Xun Yu, Sp Guo Jia

The one with high appearance rate plus a Ju grant, but he is not a rare card, Zhang Bao and King Dosi are rare but not practical

Valuable legacy tactics:

I: Kei Formation (Sp Yuan Shao/Guan Mei)

II: Weimou Mikang (Ju Shu) tried his best to assist (Zhang Rang) to defeat the army and Weisheng (Wang Shuang)

III: Do your best to assist (Zhang Rang) to defeat the army and win (Wang Shuang)

Suggestion: The three Baye Kapori are well balanced and have different styles. (II) Relatively more, if there are tactics, go to choose the generals, or look at the lack of generals and tactics. Whichever card pack has more proportions, choose which one, at least it won’t fail

The last battle: It is recommended not to smoke directly. The only valuable ones are Zhou Tai in (I) and the two tactics in (II) (II). If you don’t have these, it is not worthwhile