Positive View Reading|Waiting for the rescue of a dream

For a while, I had a terrible insomnia. I have used all the methods that can be used: meditation, meditation, counting sheep, acupoint stickers, listening to lullabies, taking melatonin, doing Chinese medicine moxibustion, drinking kidney-invigorating and calming decoction, and playing “Zheng Guan Man Reading” on a loop, still to no avail. , still no sleep at all.

Some people have already gone to work, and some people just got off work. Watching the dawn break in the east, the morning light is dim outside the window, the street lights begin to rest, and the streets become lively. I am still full of energy and in good condition.

I once doubted: Did I follow in Xiao Cui’s footsteps?

I went to consult the doctor, but it was okay, because I was thinking too much, my spirit was too high, my brain cells were too active, my thoughts were too stressful, and my cerebral cortex nerve center was too excited.

After being recommended, I went to see an old Chinese doctor. Through looking, smelling, asking, and cutting, the old Chinese doctor summed up seven types of insomnia for me: insomnia due to lack of communication between the heart and kidney, insomnia due to yin deficiency and hyperactivity of yang deficiency, restless insomnia, insomnia due to deficiency of both heart and spleen, gallbladder heat or phlegm Heat disturbance type insomnia, heart and liver fire type insomnia, heart yin and blood deficiency type insomnia, liver and kidney yin deficiency type insomnia. According to my symptoms, the old Chinese doctor said that I fit at least two or more types of insomnia – “complex insomnia”.

Some people may be “rebound”, but I am “frightened”.

I quickly asked: Has it developed to “late insomnia”? Is there any cure?

The old Chinese doctor stroked his sparse beard, closed his eyes and rested for dozens of seconds, and said, “There is a cure, but there is a cure, but you have to take the medicine according to the course of treatment.”

I hurriedly nodded my head, kneeling to thank the “savior”, and even claiming the promise!

That night, I took a dose of medicine and went to bed before ten o’clock, waiting for a deep sleep that was full, unable to extricate myself, drunk and dreaming.

Tick, tick, tick, the hour hand keeps turning.

It was almost 11 o’clock, the lymphatic system had already started to work, and the heart had also started to detoxify, and my eyes were still bright, looking at the endless darkness. I forced myself to close my eyes countless times, but I wanted to fall asleep, and I couldn’t help myself, and my mind was still “thinking beyond the clouds and things, remembering in the smoke” – where there is compulsion, there is resistance.

It was almost 1 o’clock, and the kidneys began to remind: hurry up to sleep, I have to detoxify; if you don’t sleep, I can’t work; if I can’t work normally, you will have swollen eyes and dark circles tomorrow. At this time, the cranial nerves began to trace the reason for insomnia again, and the memory began to be reviewed again. How could it be so unbearable: “Maybe it’s because of my insomnia that I can’t sleep, or it’s because of insomnia that I miss.” I huddled myself into a ball and waited for a dream ‘s rescue.

It’s almost 3 o’clock, and it’s time for liver detoxification. Alcohol and other toxins in the human body are completely decomposed and absorbed by the liver, and there is no problem with the liver. If there is a problem with the liver, your wine career can basically be sentenced to the end; once the wine career is over, your social circle can basically be Pull the knot. If there is a problem with the liver, toxins cannot be excreted and metabolites accumulate, symptoms such as nausea, anorexia, and irritability will appear; over time, hepatitis and cirrhosis will also occur; if the malignant development continues, liver cancer and liver failure will be ahead in the near future. Waiting for you… Insomnia is a small matter, life is at stake.

It’s almost 5 o’clock, and the lungs begin to remind: to pass the fresh blood through the heart to the whole body. The human body is a closed and tight internal circulatory system. The organs are external and internal and subordinate to each other; the five viscera and six fu-organs perform their own functions, and the essence and dregs go to their respective places. , to generate cold, heat, dryness, dampness and wind; people have five internal organs to transform five qi, to generate joy, anger, sadness, fear, and fear.” Also, when a problem occurs in one link, the links are interlocked, like “dominoes”, and they all fall down. Because the liver has been in a state of strike, the blood in the body has not been detoxified, garbage has accumulated everywhere, and toxins have flowed throughout the body, and the lungs can only protest by “coughing”.

“Plain Questions: The Great Theory of Four Qi Regulations” says: “The four seasons of yin and yang are the end and beginning of all things, and the origin of life and death. If you go against it, you will be born with disasters, and if you follow it, you will not be able to suffer from severe illness. ” At that time, I clearly heard the sound of broken dreams.

During the days of insomnia, it was a bit hypocritical to say “the pain is unbearable”, but I still gritted my teeth and stood up. I don’t want to mention it, it’s unbearable to look back on.

Everyone will experience their own “darkest moment”. If you endure it, you may be “the willows will be dark and flowers will be brighter.” “.

Don’t arbitrarily say stupid things like “the world is not worth it”: everything is unfinished, and the plot has not yet ended; the reversal is still to come, and the easter eggs are at the end.

The sky is going to rain, and the mother wants to marry; the origin and fate are gone, let him go; Taoism is natural, follow the trend;

Tomorrow, the sun will still rise; everything will be as usual.

(Anchor Lian Xiaodong produced Wang Yiqian)