Porter lost 1-4 to his old club Chelsea, 3 points behind

  In this round of the Premier League, Porter led the team to visit his old club Brighton, but they lost 1-4 to their opponents. It was also the first time Chelsea lost to Brighton in the club’s history.

  It is worth mentioning that, with a 1-4 loss in this game, Chelsea tied the biggest loss of the season. In the third round of the league, they lost 0-3 away to Leeds United. At that time, Chelsea coach Thomas Tuch. you.

  In the last 3 rounds, Chelsea drew 0-0 with Brentford, drew 1-1 with Manchester United, lost 1-4 to Brighton, and have not won in 3 rounds.

  Newcastle occupied the fourth position since the last round of the game, and now Chelsea are fifth, three points behind Newcastle.

  Chelsea have conceded 15 goals after 12 games this season, the same number as the team conceded in all 38 games in 2004/05. In the 04/05 season, Chelsea finally won the Premier League title with a 12-point advantage.