Popular Science of Ski Sports Brands

This year with the Beijing Winter Olympics

The sport of skiing is sought after by the whole people

It’s no exaggeration to call it white opium!

I was addicted the first time I skated

With the body rushing down quickly

Looking at the crystal and dreamy world of ice and snow

Feel the pleasure brought by the ups and downs of the ramp under your feet

As free as you take off in the clouds

Snow season is about to start

We also take advantage of this heat

Take a look at the big-name ski-related items worth paying attention to~

 ITEM 01


Let’s talk about LV first. Since I invited Gu Ailing as an endorsement, it has launched a lot of cool ski items.

I’ve been eyeing this ski goggle for a long time, it’s super hot, and it’s always out of stock.

The pink of a girl’s heart is matched with a dreamy laser. The future is full of technology, and it feels like a little princess with a little bit of anti-bone.

There are also Gu Ailing’s same ski suit. I also liked a few pictures of the upper body on Xiaohongshu. The upper part is metallic, and the lower part is decorated with a little Klein blue and tropical orange elements. The whole has a kind of AI’s feel.

And there are so many pockets, I feel so practical!

Power bank, mobile phone, lipstick can be stuffed haha~

The point is that there are a lot of pockets, and I feel so practical!

Power bank, mobile phone, lipstick can be stuffed haha~

IT EM 02

 -Christian Dior

Dior has also launched a series of ski equipment, their styles will be more bold, most of them are designed with full and large color blocks, the colors and patterns are very bright, and the youthful atmosphere is blowing. rush.

I myself would have liked some slightly less high-profile styles.

This white sweater that I grow grass in his family looks very temperament, and it is decorated with red and blue strips on the side so that it is not too monotonous, and it is a tight-fitting style with good wrapping, so it is not easy to get in the wind and get cold when skiing.

And the logo pattern on the chest is quite dazzling, it should also look good with a dark coat, and it is also great for daily wear.



Friends who like fashion may have noticed that Julia Marino, who won the first Olympic medal of the US team in the Winter Olympics this year, used a prada ski. Really when I saw her competing It just feels so cool, extreme sports are combined with fashion, who doesn’t love a sassy and in sister~

The ski suits worn by Prada’s family and He Chaolian are also very popular. Friends who are familiar with me should know that I have always liked this relatively simple and pure design, and I don’t like too complicated elements.