Popovich refused to disclose the reason for the 12th pick, the outside world was very shocked

  On October 29, Beijing time, the Spurs suddenly announced that they would cut the 19-year-old No. 12 pick Joshua Primo last year. This decision shocked the entire NBA. Spurs coach Popovich refused to disclose the reason for cutting Primo. .

  The 19-year-old Primo is a high-level rookie selected by the Spurs with the 12th overall pick last year. His scoring ability is very good, and he has been focused on training by the Spurs.

  The Spurs suddenly cut him this time, which was very surprising to the outside world. When everyone was shocked, they were also speculating about what happened. Small-market Spurs generally don’t give up such a talented player unless there’s a major scandal off the court.

  It’s even more surprising that Spurs coach Gregg Popovich refused to reveal the reason for cutting Primo, according to well-known NBA reporter Mark Spears.

  The Spurs just exercised Primo’s team option for next season two weeks ago, and his salary this season is $4.1 million.

  (Xu Chu)

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